Hyperion Records

Arthur Wimperis

born: 3 December 1874
died: 14 October 1953
country: United Kingdom

'Monckton: Songs from the shows' (CDA67654)
Monckton: Songs from the shows
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
All down Piccadilly  No 20 of The Arcadians (Monckton)
Charming weather  No 16 of The Arcadians (Monckton)
Once there dwelt a little maiden  First line to The Temple Bell, No 21 of The Mousmé (Monckton)
The Arcadians (Monckton)
The Mousmé (Monckton)
The Temple Bell  No 21 of The Mousmé (Monckton)
You're taking such good care of me  First line to Charming weather, No 16 of The Arcadians (Monckton)
You've heard of me, of course  First line to All down Piccadilly, No 20 of The Arcadians (Monckton)
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