John Hoadly

born: 1711
died: 1776
country: United Kingdom


Linley: The Song of Moses & Let God arise
CDH55302Helios (Hyperion's budget label)

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All Canaan's heathen race  
Jehovah ever be my song  
Lo, the waves thy breath obey  
'Mong the Gods by men adored  
No force can stand  
O Israel turn – The wave hath closed  
Praise be to God, and God alone  
The sea is before them  
The Song of Moses (Linley Jr.)
Thither thy people, Lord  
Thither, what power  
Thou stretchest out thy hand  
Thou, as thy mercy had decreed  
Thus the foe with haughty pride  
Thy arm, O Lord of Hosts  
To ages shalt thou stretch thy sway