Jean Richafort

born: c1480
died: after 1547
country: Flanders

Richafort is thought to have been born in Hainaut in around 1480, and was employed at the collegiate church of St Rombout, Mechelen, by 1507. In the following decade he became associated with the French royal court, and enjoyed the patronage of Ann of Brittany, queen to Louis XII, and was later a singer in the chapel of François I. By 1528 he is listed as a basse-contre at Ardenburg near Bruges, and in 1543 he took up the post of zancmeester and Chaplain at St Gilles in Bruges where he seems to have been associated until his death in around 1550.

from notes by David Skinner 2013


Richafort: Requiem
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Richafort: Requiem & other sacred music
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Manchicourt: Missa Cuidez vous que Dieu & other sacred music