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Nicholas Maw

born: 5 November 1935
died: 19 May 2009
country: United Kingdom

Nicholas Maw was one of Britain's most admired composers. He was also an acknowledged master in whatever genre he expressed himself, and one whose musical language was instantly recognisable. Born in 1935 in Grantham, Lincolnshire, he studied at the Royal Academy of Music, London (1955-58) with Paul Steinitz and Lennox Berkeley; and in Paris with Nadia Boulanger and Schoenberg's pupil, Max Deutsch. His career as a teacher included positions at Trinity College Cambridge, Exeter University and Yale University. He was Professor of Composition at the Peabody Conservatory, Baltimore. Prizes and awards he won include the 1959 Lili Boulanger Prize, the 1980 Midsummer Prize of the City of London, the 1991 Sudler International Wind Band Composition Competition for American Games and the 1993 Stoeger Prize from the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center.

'Maw: One foot in Eden still, I stand & other choral works' (CDA67615)
Maw: One foot in Eden still, I stand & other choral works
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'Dreamland' (HYP41)
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Andrew Turner  No 5 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
As father Adam first was fool'd  First line to On a henpecked country squire, No 3 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
Balulalow (Maw)
Below thir stanes lie Jamie's banes  First line to On a noisy polemic, No 1 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
Corpus Christi Carol (Maw)
Dear dark head  No 2 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
Down in yon forest there stands a hall  First line to Corpus Christi Carol (Maw)
Evening Hymn  No 3 of Three Hymns (Maw)
Five Epigrams (Maw)
Five Irish Songs (Maw)
For thee I shall not die  First line to I shall not die for thee, No 1 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
Happy choristers of air  First line to Pastoral Hymn, No 2 of Three Hymns (Maw)
Here lies, now a prey to insulting neglect  First line to On a lady famed for her caprice, No 4 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
I shall not die for thee  No 1 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
In seventeen hunder' and forty nine  First line to Andrew Turner, No 5 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
Jesu, swete sone dere!  First line to Our Lady's song (Maw)
Jig  No 5 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
Morning Hymn  No 1 of Three Hymns (Maw)
Now Robin likes in his last lair  First line to On the death of Robert Ruisseaux, No 2 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
O my deir heart, young Jesus sweit  First line to Balulalow (Maw)
On a henpecked country squire  No 3 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
On a lady famed for her caprice  No 4 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
On a noisy polemic  No 1 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
On the death of Robert Ruisseaux  No 2 of Five Epigrams (Maw)
One foot in Eden still, I stand (Maw)
Our Lady's song (Maw)
Pastoral Hymn  No 2 of Three Hymns (Maw)
Popular song  No 3 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
Put your head, darling  First line to Dear dark head, No 2 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
Ringleted youth of my love  No 4 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
Swete Jesu (Maw)
That winter love spoke and we raise no objection, at  First line to Jig, No 5 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
The angel Gabriel (Maw)
The night is come like to the day  First line to Evening Hymn, No 3 of Three Hymns (Maw)
Three Hymns (Maw)
Were I at the Moss House where the birds do increase  First line to Popular song, No 3 of Five Irish Songs (Maw)
What's this morn's bright eye to me  First line to Morning Hymn, No 1 of Three Hymns (Maw)
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