Hyperion Records

Sir Hugh Roberton

born: 23 February 1874
died: 7 October 1952
country: United Kingdom

'All in the April Evening' (CDH55243)
All in the April Evening
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'All in the April Evening' (CDH88008)
All in the April Evening
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'Songs of Scotland' (CDH55336)
Songs of Scotland
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Air falalalo (Anon/Roberton)
All in the April evening (Roberton)
All through the night (Anon/Roberton)
An Eriskay Love Lilt (Anon/Roberton)
Belmont (Anon/Roberton)
By cool Siloam  First line to Belmont (Anon/Roberton)
Can ye no' hush yer weepin', O?  First line to Dream Angus (Anon/Roberton)
Crimond (Irvine/Roberton)
Dream Angus (Anon/Roberton)
Drink to me only with thine eyes (Anon/Roberton)
Hush, my dear, the gallopin' men ride thro' the bracken  First line to The fidgety bairn (Anon)
Iona Boat Song (Anon/Roberton)
King Arthur (Anon/Roberton)
Nightfall in Skye (Roberton)
Peat Fire Smooring Prayer (Anon/Roberton)
Steal away to Jesus (Anon/Roberton)
Swing low, sweet chariot (Anon/Roberton)
The Banks o' Doon (Anon/Roberton)
The Dashing White Sargeant (Anon/Roberton)
The fidgety bairn (Anon)
The Herdmaiden's Song (Anon/Roberton)
The Isle of Mull (Anon/Roberton)
The Lord's my shepherd  First line to Crimond (Irvine/Roberton)
The wee cooper o' Fife (Anon/Roberton)
There was a wee copper wha lived in Fife  First line to The wee cooper o' Fife (Anon/Roberton)
Vair me o rovan o – When I'm lonely dear white heart  First line to An Eriskay Love Lilt (Anon/Roberton)
Were you there? (Anon/Roberton)
While the moon her watch is keeping  First line to All through the night (Anon/Roberton)
Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon  First line to The Banks o' Doon (Anon/Roberton)
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