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Alfred Perceval Graves

born: 1846
died: 1931
country: Ireland

'English Orchestral Songs' (CDA67065)
English Orchestral Songs
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'My Garden' (CDA66937)
My Garden
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'Parry: Songs' (CDA67044)
Parry: Songs
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'Stanford: Songs, Vol. 1' (CDA67123)
Stanford: Songs, Vol. 1
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'A Treasury of English Song' (HYP30)
A Treasury of English Song
HYP30  Super-budget price sampler — Deleted  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
As I went down to Taunton Town  First line to The Spirit of the Spring, No 3 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
As I went up a woodland walk  First line to The Blackbird, No 4 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
Chieftain of Tyrconnell (Stanford)
English Lyrics XI (Parry)
From the red rose (Stanford)
My love's an arbutus (Stanford)
Oh swan of slenderness, dove of tenderness  First line to The little red lark (Stanford)
She hath grown cold, whose kindness won me to her  First line to The Faithful Lover, No 5 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
She is my love beyond all thought  No 8 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
Songs of Erin, Op 76 (Stanford)
The Blackbird  No 4 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
The Faithful Lover  No 5 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
The little red lark (Stanford)
The Spirit of the Spring  No 3 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
Trottin' to the fair  Song of Songs of Erin, Op 76 (Stanford)
What part of dread eternity  No 2 of English Lyrics XI (Parry)
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