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Sebastián de Vivanco

born: c1551
died: 26 October 1622
country: Spain

Sebastián de Vivanco was born in Avila, probably in January 1551. He may have had the same boyhood schooling and early musical training as his fellow townsman Victoria, though a few years junior. Vivanco served as choirmaster at the cathedrals of Lérida, Segovia, Avila and, from 1602, Salamanca. In addition to his cathedral duties, Vivanco became professor of music at Salamanca University in 1603. He retired from both positions in January 1621 and he died in October 1622. With Alonso Lobo and Juan Esquivel, Vivanco represents the last generation of the Renaissance style composers in Spain, the slightly younger contemporaries of Victoria.

Most of Vivanco’s work comes to us in three printed collections: eighteen Magnificats (1607), ten Masses (1608), and a book of motets (1610). An almost complete copy of the latter has recently been discovered at Salamanca (previously the badly defective Toledo copy had been thought unique).

from notes by Bruno Turner © 1985

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