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Lucien-Joseph-Édouard Hillemacher

born: 10 June 1860
died: 2 June 1909
country: France

The two brothers Hillemacher worked and published together in the manner of the frères Goncourts. They adopted the name Paul-Lucien Hillemacher for their collective compositions. Both were students at the Conservatoire: Paul studied with Bazin and was awarded the Prix de Rome in 1876 for his Judith; Lucien studied with Massenet and won the Prix de Rome in 1880 for his cantata Fingal. A number of their stage works were produced at the Opéra, the Opéra-Comique and the Châtelet in Paris, at La Monnaie in Brussels, and a pantomime, One for Two, at the Prince of Wales Theatre in London in 1894. Their Vingt mélodies (1882) is a volume of grace and accomplishment. There are three Armand Silvestre settings, as well as appearances by Hugo, Banville and André Chénier among others. This collection must have seemed a good deal more important to the song enthusiasts of the time (the young Debussy for example) than it appears to the modern musicologist; but in musical terms there is nothing here to indicate that the oblivion of the Hillemachers is a fate deserved—on the contrary, our curiosity about this pair of musical Goncourts is further aroused.

from notes by Graham Johnson 2006
English: Richard Stokes

'L'invitation au voyage – Mélodies from La belle époque' (CDA67523)
L'invitation au voyage – Mélodies from La belle époque
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Ici-bas (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Ici-bas tous les lilas meurent  First line to Ici-bas (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
L'invitation au voyage (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Mes vers fuiraient, doux et frêles  First line to Si mes vers avaient des ailes (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Mon enfant, ma sœur  First line to L'invitation au voyage (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Ne jamais la voir ni l'entendre  First line to Soupir (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Nina, ton sourire  First line to Sérénade (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Sérénade (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Si mes vers avaient des ailes (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
Soupir (Hillemacher/Hillemacher)
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