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George Gershwin

born: 26 September 1898
died: 11 July 1937
country: USA

'Gershwin: Fascinating Rhythm – The complete music for solo piano' (CDH55006)
Gershwin: Fascinating Rhythm – The complete music for solo piano
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'American Light Music Classics' (CDA67067)
American Light Music Classics
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'Blah blah blah and other trifles …' (CDH55422)
Blah blah blah and other trifles …
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'Grainger: Rambles and Reflections' (CDH55454)
Grainger: Rambles and Reflections
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'London Pride' (CDA67457)
London Pride
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'Rare Piano Encores' (CDH55109)
Rare Piano Encores
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'The Transcendental Tradition' (APR5630)
The Transcendental Tradition
APR5630  Download only  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A foggy day in London town (Gershwin)
Ballet (Gershwin)
Blah blah blah (Gershwin/Vignoles)
Boy, what love has done to me! (Gershwin/Connolly)
Clap yo' hands (Gershwin)
Do do do (Gershwin)
Do it again (Gershwin)
Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin)
I fetch his slippers, fill up the pipe he smokes  First line to Boy, what love has done to me! (Gershwin/Connolly)
I got rhythm (Gershwin)
If I had my way I'd trail you night and day  First line to Three times a day (Gershwin)
I'll build a stairway to paradise (Gershwin)
Impromptu in two keys (Gershwin)
I've written you a song, a beautiful routine  First line to Blah blah blah (Gershwin/Vignoles)
Jazzbo Brown (Gershwin)
Liza (Gershwin)
Love walked in (Gershwin/Grainger)
Merry Andrew (Gershwin)
My one and only (Gershwin)
Nobody but you (Gershwin)
Oh, lady be good (Gershwin)
Overture to Girl Crazy (Gershwin)
Overture to Lady be Good (Gershwin)
Promenade (Gershwin)
Promenade (Gershwin/Berkowitz)
Rialto Ripples (Gershwin)
's wonderful (Gershwin)
Somebody loves me (Gershwin)
Strike up the band (Gershwin)
Swanee (Gershwin)
Sweet and low down (Gershwin)
That certain feeling (Gershwin)
The man I love (Gershwin)
The man I love (Gershwin/Grainger)
The odds were a hundred to one against me  First line to They all laughed (Gershwin)
They all laughed (Gershwin)
Three Preludes (Gershwin)
Three times a day (Gershwin)
Three-quarter blues (Gershwin)
Two Waltzes in C (Gershwin)
Who cares? (Gershwin)
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