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'18th-century Portuguese Love Songs' (CDA67904)
18th-century Portuguese Love Songs
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'Arne: Dr Arne at Vauxhall Gardens' (CDA66237)
Arne: Dr Arne at Vauxhall Gardens
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'Beethoven: Mass in C major' (CDH55263)
Beethoven: Mass in C major
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'Benda: Cephalus and Aurora' (CDA66649)
Benda: Cephalus and Aurora
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'Cherubini: Arias and Overtures from Florence to Paris' (CDA67893)
Cherubini: Arias and Overtures from Florence to Paris
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'Elgar: Choral Songs' (CDA67019)
Elgar: Choral Songs
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'Elgar: The complete choral songs' (CDA66271/2)
Elgar: The complete choral songs
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'Fairest Isle' (CDA67115)
Fairest Isle
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'Haydn and his English Friends' (CDA67150)
Haydn and his English Friends
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'Haydn: Songs' (CDH55355)
Haydn: Songs
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'Mozart: Songs' (CDH55371)
Mozart: Songs
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'O tuneful voice' (CDA66497)
O tuneful voice
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'Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 4 41-55' (CDP11004)
Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 4 41-55
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'Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 7 79-92' (CDP11007)
Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 7 79-92
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'The Psalms of David' (CDS44101/12)
The Psalms of David
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'The Romantic Music' (CDA66740)
The Romantic Music
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'The Sea' (CDA66165)
The Sea
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'Vital Spark of Heav'nly Flame' (CDA67020)
Vital Spark of Heav'nly Flame
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A minha Nerina (Anon)
A shepherd lov'd a nymph so fair (Pinto)
Ah me, how scanty is my store!  First line to Transport of pleasure 'Content', Hob XXVIa:36 (Haydn)
Ah! che morir vorrei  No 4, Aria of Arianna a Naxos, Hob XXVIb:2 (Haydn)
Ah! perfido, Op 65 (Beethoven)
Alas! and did my Saviour bleed? (Taylor)
Angels, roll the rock away! (Taylor)
Aria: Per pietà, non dirmi addio  Part 2 of Ah! perfido, Op 65 (Beethoven)
Arianna a Naxos, Hob XXVIb:2 (Haydn)
Belise starb, und sprach im Scheiden (Benda)
Cephalus und Aurore (Benda)
Cuidados, tristes cuidados (Portugal)
Das Andenken (Benda)
Die kleine Spinnerin, K531 (Mozart)
Die Lüfte deckte noch der dunkle Flor der Nacht  First line to Cephalus und Aurore (Benda)
Dove sei, mio bel tesoro?  No 2, Aria of Arianna a Naxos, Hob XXVIb:2 (Haydn)
Down in the gleamy vale (Linley)
Drey Sommer grünet mir bereits  First line to Das Andenken (Benda)
Du fehlest mir, wie einsam und wie stille (Benda)
Du, klein Blondine, bezauberst ja schon! (Benda)
D'un dolce ardor la face (Cherubini)
É amor a lei suave (Maurício)
É delícia ter amor (Anon)
Ein trunkner Dichter leerte (Benda)
Elegy (Arnold)
Faulheit, itzo will ich dir (Benda)
Foi por mim, foi pela sorte (Anon)
Ganinha, minha Ganinha (Anon)
Give sentence with me, O God, and defend my cause against the ungodly people  First line to Psalm 43 'Iudica me, Deus' (Wesley/Anon)
High on the giddy bending mast  First line to Sailor's song, Hob XXVIa:31 (Haydn)
Horrible is the end of th' unrighteous generation (Smith)
I wander through the woodlands  First line to The Wanderer (Elgar)
Ich liebte nur Ismenen (Benda)
In thee I bear so dear a part  First line to Sympathy, Hob XXVIa:33 (Haydn)
Invocation to Nature (Pinto)
It was a winter's evening, and fast came down the snow  First line to The Distress'd Mother (Pinto)
Jenny 'An Agreeable Musical Choice' (Arne)
Jenny, bright as the day and as buxom as May  First line to Jenny 'An Agreeable Musical Choice' (Arne)
Komm, liebe Zither, K351 (Mozart)
Lieber Amor, leihe mir (Benda)
Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooks  First line to Psalm 42 'Quemadmodum' (Wesley/Anon)
Love in a village (Arne)
Ma, a chi parlo?  No 3, Recitative of Arianna a Naxos, Hob XXVIb:2 (Haydn)
Mein Geliebter hat versprochen (Benda)
Mein Thyrsis! dürft ich dir doch sagen (Benda)
Mir Armen, den des Fiebers Kraft (Benda)
My song shall be alway of the loving-kindness of the Lord  First line to Psalm 89 'Misericordias Domini' (Anon/Norris/Russell/Battishill)
Nature! sweet mistress of the pensive mind  First line to Invocation to Nature (Pinto)
O thou that dwellest in the highest heavens (Dahmen)
Onde vas linda Negrinha (Leite)
Os 'me deixas' que tu dás (Anon)
Philint ist still, und flieht die Schönen (Benda)
Philint stand jüngst vor Babets Thür (Benda)
Piercing eyes, Hob XXVIa:35 (Haydn)
Psalm 42 'Quemadmodum' (Wesley/Anon)
Psalm 43 'Iudica me, Deus' (Wesley/Anon)
Psalm 89 'Misericordias Domini' (Anon/Norris/Russell/Battishill)
Que fiz eu à natureza? (Maurício)
Ridente la calma, K152 (Mysliveček/Mozart)
Sailor's song, Hob XXVIa:31 (Haydn)
Scena: Ah! perfido, spergiuro  Part 1 of Ah! perfido, Op 65 (Beethoven)
Sobre as asas da ternura (Maurício)
Some talk of Alexander and some of Hercules  First line to The British Grenadiers (Anon)
Sympathy, Hob XXVIa:33 (Haydn)
Tempo que breve passaste (Leite)
Teseo mio ben  No 1, Recitative of Arianna a Naxos, Hob XXVIb:2 (Haydn)
The British Grenadiers (Anon)
The Distress'd Mother (Pinto)
The kind appointment Celia made  First line to The lover's recantation (Arne)
The Lord is risen (Wainwright)
The lover's recantation (Arne)
The miller of Dee  Song of Love in a village (Arne)
The Wanderer (Elgar)
There was a jolly miller once lived on the River Dee  First line to The miller of Dee, Song of Love in a village (Arne)
Ti lascio adorato mio ben (Cherubini)
Transport of pleasure 'Content', Hob XXVIa:36 (Haydn)
Venus, wenn du willst mich rühren (Benda)
Von nun an, o Liebe, verlaß' ich dein Reich (Benda)
Was spinnst du? fragte Nachbars Fritz  First line to Die kleine Spinnerin, K531 (Mozart)
When young life's journey I began  First line to Elegy (Arnold)
Why asks my fair one if I love?  First line to Piercing eyes, Hob XXVIa:35 (Haydn)
Wie unglücklich bin ich nit, K147 (Mozart)
Ye winged inhabitants of the grove (Dahmen)
Yes! the Redeemer rose (Taylor)
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