William Henry Davies

born: 20 April 1871
died: 1940
country: Wales


Barber: Songs
Bliss: A Knot of Riddles & other songs
CDA67188/92CDs Composers of World War I
Head: Songs
Lloyd Webber: Piano music, chamber music and songs

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

Good people keep their holy day  
Love, like a drop of dew (Lloyd Webber)
Money, O!  
My mind has thunderstorms  
Rich or poor (Bliss)
Songs of the Countryside (Head)
Sweet Chance, that led my steps abroad  
The Beggar's Song (Barber)
This night  
Three Songs (Bliss)
What is this life if, full of care  
When I had money, money, O!  
When I pass down the street and see the people smiling so  
With thy true love I have more wealth