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James Joyce

born: 2 February 1882
died: 13 January 1941
country: Ireland

'Bridge: Songs' (CDD22071)
Bridge: Songs
CDD22071  2CDs Dyad (2 for the price of 1) — To be issued soon July 2014 Release  
'Barber: Songs' (CDA67528)
Barber: Songs
'Bliss: A Knot of Riddles & other songs' (CDA67188/9)
Bliss: A Knot of Riddles & other songs
'Head: Songs' (CDA67899)
Head: Songs
'Ireland: Songs' (CDA67261/2)
Ireland: Songs
'Bridge: Songs' (CDA67181/2)
Bridge: Songs
MP3 £14.49FLAC £14.49ALAC £14.49 CDA67181/2  2CDs To be superseded by CDD22071  
Complete works available for download
SAMUEL BARBER  (1910-1981)
In the dark pinewood Gerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
Three Songs, Op 10 Gerald Finley (baritone), Julius Drake (piano)
SIR ARTHUR BLISS  (1891-1975)
Simples Toby Spence (tenor), Kathron Sturrock (piano)
FRANK BRIDGE  (1879-1941)
Goldenhair Janice Watson (soprano), Roger Vignoles (piano)
MICHAEL HEAD  (1900-1976)
Lean out of the window Roderick Williams (baritone), Christopher Glynn (piano)
JOHN IRELAND  (1879-1962)
Tutto è sciolto Christopher Maltman (baritone), Graham Johnson (piano)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Goldenhair (Bridge)
I hear an army  No 3 of Three Songs, Op 10 (Barber)
In the dark pinewood (Barber)
Lean out of the window  First line to Goldenhair (Bridge)
Lean out of the window (Head)
Of cool sweet dew and radiance mild  First line to Simples (Bliss)
Rain has fallen  No 1 of Three Songs, Op 10 (Barber)
Simples (Bliss)
Sleep now  No 2 of Three Songs, Op 10 (Barber)
Three Songs, Op 10 (Barber)
Tutto è sciolto (Ireland)
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