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born: 630BC
died: ?
country: Greece

'Bantock: Orchestral Music' (CDS44281/6)
Bantock: Orchestral Music
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'Bantock: Sappho & Sapphic Poem' (CDA66899)
Bantock: Sappho & Sapphic Poem
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Bridal Song  Fragment 8 of Sappho (Bantock)
Daugher of Zeus  First line to Hymn to Aphrodite, Fragment 1 of Sappho (Bantock)
Evening Song  Fragment 3 of Sappho (Bantock)
Evening, thou bringest all that bright morning scattered  First line to Evening Song, Fragment 3 of Sappho (Bantock)
Hymn to Aphrodite  Fragment 1 of Sappho (Bantock)
I loved thee once, Atthis, long ago  Fragment 2 of Sappho (Bantock)
In a dream, I spake  Fragment 7 of Sappho (Bantock)
Muse of the golden throne  Fragment 9 of Sappho (Bantock)
O fair, O lovely, As the sweet apple  First line to Bridal Song, Fragment 8 of Sappho (Bantock)
Peer of gods he seems  Fragment 6 of Sappho (Bantock)
Sappho (Bantock)
Stand face to face, friend  Fragment 4 of Sappho (Bantock)
The moon has set  Fragment 5 of Sappho (Bantock)
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