Alexei Tolstoy

born: 5 September 1817
died: 10 October 1875
country: Russia


English Poets, Russian Romances
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Ikon, Vol. 1
Liszt: Complete Piano Music
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Liszt: The complete music for solo piano, Vol. 41 – The Recitations with piano
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Russian Images, Vol. 1
Russian Images, Vol. 2
Tchaikovsky: Songs
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The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 2
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works

Blagoslavlyayu vas, lesa 'I bless you, forests'  
Bogoroditse Devo, raduysia 'Rejoice, O virgin Mother of God'  
Kabï znala ya 'If only I had known'  
Liubov sviataya 'Sacred love'  
Molitva 'Prayer'  
Ne ver moy drug 'Do not believe me'  
Nespyashchikh solntse, grustnaya zvezda 'Sun of the sleepless', Op 41 No 1 (Rimsky-Korsakov)
Okayannïy i ubogiy cheloveche! 'O miserable and wretched man!'  
Pokayannïy stih 'A verse of repentance'  
Sem Romansov 'Seven Romances', Op 47 (Tchaikovsky)
Serenada Don-Zhuana 'Don Juan's serenade'  
Shest Romansov 'Six Romances', Op 38 (Tchaikovsky)
Shest Romansov 'Six Romances', Op 6 (Tchaikovsky)
Slyepoi {The Blind Man}, S350 (Liszt)
Slyeza drozhit 'A tear trembles'  
Sred' shumnovo bala 'Amid the din of the ball'  
Sred shumnovo bala 'At the ball'  
Three Choruses from Tsar Feodor Ioannovich (Sviridov)
Tï, liubov sviataya 'Thou, O sacred love'  
To bïlo ranneyu vesnoy 'It was in early spring'