Hyperion Records

Martyn Brabbins

born: 1959
country: United Kingdom

'Coles: Music from Behind the lines' (CDH55464)
Coles: Music from Behind the lines
Buy by post £4.40 CDH55464  Helios (Hyperion's budget label) Composers of World War I  
'Hyperion monthly sampler – August 2014' (HYP201408)
Hyperion monthly sampler – August 2014
HYP201408  Download-only monthly sampler  
'Hyperion monthly sampler – July 2014' (HYP201407)
Hyperion monthly sampler – July 2014
HYP201407  Download-only monthly sampler  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Behind the lines (Coles/Brabbins)
Cortège  Movement 3 of Behind the lines (Coles/Brabbins)
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