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Arthur Symons

born: 28 February 1862
died: 22 January 1945
country: Wales

'Ireland: Songs' (CDA67261/2)
Ireland: Songs
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'Warlock: Songs' (CDH55442)
Warlock: Songs
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'War's Embers' (CDD22026)
War's Embers
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'War's Embers' (CDH55237)
War's Embers
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A prayer to St Anthony of Padua  No 1 of Two songs (Warlock)
Autumn twilight (Warlock)
I have had enough of women, and enough of love  First line to The wanderer's song, No 1 of Vagabond Songs, Op 10 (Farrar)
O sick heart, be at rest!  First line to The sick heart, No 2 of Two songs (Warlock)
Rest  No 3 of Three Songs (Ireland)
Saint Anthony whom I bear  First line to A prayer to St Anthony of Padua, No 1 of Two songs (Warlock)
Santa Chiara 'Palm Sunday: Naples' (Ireland)
The adoration  No 1 of Three Songs (Ireland)
The long September evening dies  First line to Autumn twilight (Warlock)
The rat  No 2 of Three Songs (Ireland)
The sick heart  No 2 of Two songs (Warlock)
The wanderer's song  No 1 of Vagabond Songs, Op 10 (Farrar)
Three Songs (Ireland)
Tryst 'In fountain court'  No 1 of Two Songs 1926 (Ireland)
Two songs (Warlock)
Two Songs 1926 (Ireland)
Vagabond Songs, Op 10 (Farrar)
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