Ornstein, Leo (1892/3-2002)

Leo Ornstein

born: 2 December 1892
died: 24 February 2002
country: Ukraine


Ornstein: Piano Music

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A dirge of the trenches: Lento  
A half-mutilated cradle – Berceuse  
À la Chinoise, Op 39 (Ornstein)
A lament for a lost boy  
A melancholy landscape  
A trip to the attic – A tear or two for a childhood forever gone. The bugler  
Arabesques, Op 42 (Ornstein)
Army at prayer: Allegro, ma non troppo  
Chant of Hindoo priests  
Dance of the dead: Vivo, con fuoco  
Danse sauvage, Op 13 No 2 (Ornstein)
Disciplines and improvisations  
First carousel ride and sounds of a hurdy-gurdy  
Impressions de la Tamise, Op 13 No 1 (Ornstein)
Les basoches  
Life's turmoil and a few bits of satire  
Night brooding over the battlefield: Moderato e misterioso  
No man's land: Andante espressivo  
Piano Sonata No 8 (Ornstein)
Poems of 1917, Op 41 (Ornstein)
Pompeian fresco  
Primal echo  
Shadowed waters  
Song behind the lines: Andante con moto e malinconioso  
Suicide in an airplane (Ornstein)
The battle: Allegro e molto appassionato  
The isle of Elephantine  
The Orient in Flanders: Andantino, molto espressivo  
The sower of despair: Moderato  
The wailing and raging wind  
The wrath of the despoiled: Sostenuto, molto appassionato