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Alphonse de Lamartine

born: 21 October 1790
died: 28 February 1869
country: France

'Bizet: Songs' (CDA66976)
Bizet: Songs
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'Gounod: Songs' (CDA66801/2)
Gounod: Songs
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'La Procession' (CDA66248)
La Procession
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Au rossignol (Gounod)
Douce mer (Bizet)
Feuilles d'album (Bizet)
Le grillon  No 6 of Feuilles d'album (Bizet)
Le soir (Gounod)
Le soir ramène le silence  First line to Le soir (Gounod)
Murmure autour de ma nacelle  First line to Douce mer (Bizet)
Quand ta voix céleste prélude  First line to Au rossignol (Gounod)
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