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Paul Bourget

born: 2 September 1852
died: 25 December 1935
country: France

'Chausson: Songs' (CDA67321/2)
Chausson: Songs
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'Debussy: Songs, Vol. 1' (CDA67357)
Debussy: Songs, Vol. 1
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
L'âme évaporée et souffrante  First line to Romance, No 1 of Romances, L65 (Debussy)
Les cloches  No 2 of Romances, L65 (Debussy)
Les feuilles s'ouvraient sur le bord des branches  First line to Les cloches, No 2 of Romances, L65 (Debussy)
Partons en barque sur la mer  First line to Sérénade italienne, Op 2 No 5 (Chausson)
Romance  No 1 of Romances, L65 (Debussy)
Romance, L56 (Debussy)
Romances, L65 (Debussy)
Sérénade italienne, Op 2 No 5 (Chausson)
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