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Christopher Dearnley

born: 2 November 1930
died: 15 December 2000
country: United Kingdom

Christopher Dearnley (1930–2000) was educated at Worcester College, Oxford, before becoming assistant organist at Salisbury Cathedral in 1954. In 1957 he was promoted to become organist there, moving to take up the post of organist and director of music at St Paul’s Cathedral in 1968. He retired in 1990 on his sixtieth birthday and emigrated to Australia, where he found himself in great demand. He worked on a locum basis at a number of cathedrals and churches there and he and his wife became Australian citizens in 1993. He was acting director of music at Christ Church St Laurence, Sydney (1990–91), organist locum tenens at St David’s Cathedral, Hobart (1991), director of music at Trinity College to the University of Melbourne (1992–3), and Master of Music at St George’s Cathedral, Perth (from 1993). His obituary in The Times recorded that in his later years ‘he was living in a one-room wooden hut just outside Sydney, pursuing his interest in naturism and generally enjoying a more unfettered style of life than had been possible in Britain’.

Whilst at St Paul’s he revived the Victorian tradition of singing the orchestral masses of Haydn, Mozart and Schubert during the month of July and helped to raise the profile of the Festival of the Sons of the Clergy – an annual service held in May – for which many distinguished composers, including Sir Edward Elgar, had formerly been invited to contribute new works. Dearnley was committed to commissioning new music, and in the cathedral’s music lists he included anthems and services by Britten, Bush, Naylor, Tippett and his former teacher Edmund Rubbra. In 1987 he was awarded a Lambeth degree by the Archbishop of Canterbury in recognition of his services to church music and appointed a Lieutenant of the Royal Victorian Order.

from notes by William McVicker 2005

'Advent at St Paul's' (CDH55463)
Advent at St Paul's
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'Epiphany at St Paul's' (CDH55443)
Epiphany at St Paul's
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'Hear my prayer' (CDH55445)
Hear my prayer
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'Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 10 114-8,120-35' (CDP11010)
Psalms from St Paul's, Vol. 10 114-8,120-35
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'The English Anthem, Vol. 6' (CDA66826)
The English Anthem, Vol. 6
'The English Anthem, Vol. 8' (CDA67483)
The English Anthem, Vol. 8
'The Psalms of David' (CDS44101/12)
The Psalms of David
MP3 £35.00FLAC £35.00ALAC £35.00Buy by post £40.00 CDS44101/12  12CDs Boxed set (at a special price)  
Complete works available for download
Jubilate Deo St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor)
Let thy hand be strengthened St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor)
Psalm 117 'Laudate Dominum' St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor), Huw Williams (organ)
St Chad St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor)
Laudes Regiae St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor)
Vesper Responsory St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor)
MICHAEL WISE  (c1647-1687)
The ways of Zion do mourn Jeremy Budd (treble), Charles Gibbs (bass), St Paul's Cathedral Choir, John Scott (conductor), Andrew Lucas (organ)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat  First line to Laudes Regiae (Anon/Dearnley)
Jubilate Deo (Dearnley)
Judah and Jerusalem, fear not  First line to Vesper Responsory (Palestrina/Dearnley)
Laudes Regiae (Anon/Dearnley)
Let thy hand be strengthened (Dearnley)
O praise the Lord, all ye heathen  First line to Psalm 117 'Laudate Dominum' (Dearnley)
O shout to the Lord in triumph  First line to Jubilate Deo (Dearnley)
Psalm 117 'Laudate Dominum' (Dearnley)
St Chad (Dearnley)
The growing limbs of God the Son  First line to St Chad (Dearnley)
The ways of Zion do mourn (Wise)
Vesper Responsory (Palestrina/Dearnley)
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