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Cornelius, Peter (1824-1874)  

Peter Cornelius

born: 24 December 1824
died: 26 October 1874
country: Germany

Peter Cornelius (1824–1874) was the son of two actors who saw that he was a talented child and sent him to train in their preferred profession. They also recognized that he had musical gifts and encouraged his music lessons. By 1840 he was playing the violin in the Mainz theatre orchestra, later acting in the Nassau court theatre troupe. On the death of his father he moved to Berlin where he began to devote himself exclusively to music. There he met painters, poets and others from various artistic disciplines and became aware of his talents as a poet and writer. Finding no outlet for his abilities in Berlin he moved to Weimar where he studied with Liszt, who immediately recognized his abilities. The group that surrounded Liszt—the so-called New German School, which included Hans von Bülow—was more to Cornelius’s taste and so the young composer devoted himself to promoting Liszt’s ideas. Liszt, in turn, introduced him to Berlioz, Brahms and Wagner and it was through contact with these composers that Cornelius began to find his métier as an opera composer—his first opera was, in fact, conducted by Liszt. When the latter left Weimar (following a dispute with the ‘New Germans’) Cornelius went to Vienna. Wagner’s influence was strong and, in 1865, he invited Cornelius to Munich as his personal répétiteur, arranging a salary from the Privy Purse of Ludwig II. In Munich he began to teach music theory, harmony, metrics and poetics at the Royal School of Music where, due to his responsibilities, his creativity also began to wane. His third opera was to remain unfinished.

from notes by William McVicker 2002

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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Ach, wie nichtig, ach, wie flüchtig  No 1 of Trauerchöre, Op 9 (Cornelius)
An Babels Wassflüssen  No 2 of Drei Psalmlieder, Op 13 (Cornelius)
An den Sturmwind  No 2 of Drei Chorgesänge, Op 11 (Cornelius)
Bußlied  No 1 of Drei Psalmlieder, Op 13 (Cornelius)
Der alte Soldat, Op 12 No 1 (Cornelius)
Der Tod, das ist die kühle Nacht  No 1 of Drei Chorgesänge, Op 11 (Cornelius)
Die drei Frühlingstage  No 3 of Drei Chorgesänge, Op 11 (Cornelius)
Die Könige  No 3 of Weihnachtslieder, Op 8 (Cornelius/Layton)
Die Vätergruft, Op 19 (Cornelius)
Drei Chorgesänge, Op 11 (Cornelius)
Drei Psalmlieder, Op 13 (Cornelius)
Grablied  No 4 of Trauerchöre, Op 9 (Cornelius)
Ich will dich lieben, meine Krone!  No 2 of Liebe 'Ein Zyklus von 3 Chorliedern', Op 18 (Cornelius)
Jerusalem  No 3 of Drei Psalmlieder, Op 13 (Cornelius)
Liebe 'Ein Zyklus von 3 Chorliedern', Op 18 (Cornelius)
Liebe, dir ergeb' ich mich!  No 1 of Liebe 'Ein Zyklus von 3 Chorliedern', Op 18 (Cornelius)
Mitten wir im Leben sind  No 3 of Trauerchöre, Op 9 (Cornelius)
Nicht die Träne kann es sagen  No 2 of Trauerchöre, Op 9 (Cornelius)
Requiem 'Seele, vergiß sie nicht' (Cornelius)
So weich und warn (Cornelius)
The Three Kings  No 3 of Weihnachtslieder, Op 8 (Cornelius/Atkins)
Three Kings from Persian lands afar  First line to The Three Kings, No 3 of Weihnachtslieder, Op 8 (Cornelius/Atkins)
Thron der Liebe, Stern der Güte  No 3 of Liebe 'Ein Zyklus von 3 Chorliedern', Op 18 (Cornelius)
Trauerchöre, Op 9 (Cornelius)
Trost in Tränen, Op 14 (Cornelius)
Von dem Dome, schwer und bang  No 5 of Trauerchöre, Op 9 (Cornelius)
Weihnachtslieder, Op 8 (Cornelius/Atkins)
Weihnachtslieder, Op 8 (Cornelius/Layton)
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