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Marjorie Kennedy-Fraser

born: 1 October 1857
died: 22 November 1930
country: United Kingdom

'Land of Heart's Desire' (CDH55204)
Land of Heart's Desire
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'Songs of Scotland' (CDH55336)
Songs of Scotland
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'Songs of the Hebrides' (CDH88024)
Songs of the Hebrides
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A day in the cornfield, I a-reapin'  First line to Islay Reaper's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A fairy's love song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A Hebridean Sea-Reiver's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A ho hi … hirrum bo! Early sails she to the reiving  First line to The Reiving Ship (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A Spinning Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A Thirteenth-century Love Lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Aignish on the machair (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Ailein Duinn 'A Harris Love Lament' (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
A-moaning thou, my own dear one  First line to O heartling of my heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An Eriskay Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
An island sheiling song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
As down by the shore I wander early at morn  First line to Isle of my Heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Aye, my lad, I've borne my creel  First line to The Crone's Creel (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Benbecula Bridal Procession (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Birds at the Fairy Fulling (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Caristiona (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Dance to your shadow (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Far I hear the galloping galley  First line to The Ship at Sea (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Fare thee well, my sun and moon light  First line to The Death Farewell (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Heart of Fire-love (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Hug ò in ò! When winds do blow, sea reivers know the maddening music  First line to A Hebridean Sea-Reiver's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
I dal a du vil, I dal a du ho ro  First line to The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
In pride, high, leapest thou  First line to The Leaping Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Islay Reaper's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Isle of my Heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Kirsteen (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Kishmul's Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Lad and lass thegither  First line to Loch Broom Love Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Land of Heart's Desire (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Last night by the sheiling was Mhairi, my beloved  First line to An island sheiling song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Late at night alone in the sheiling  First line to The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Loch Broom Love Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Loch Leven Love Lament (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Love gave I to thee, my lover  First line to A Spinning Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
My babe on a curling green wave  First line to An Eriskay Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
O Brighde! 'Tis seaward, the dreamland, the youth land  First line to The Coolin of Rhum (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
O heartling of my heart (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Out at sea, fair is she  First line to The Birlinn of the White Shoulders (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
Sailing with thee thro' seas of Erin  First line to Sea Wandering (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sea Wandering (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sea-longing (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
Skye Water-Kelpie's Lullaby (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sleeps the noon in the deep blue sky (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Sore sea-longing in my heart  First line to Sea-longing (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
The Birlinn of the White Shoulders (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser/Bantock)
The Black Loorgin 'A Hebridean Seafaring Song' (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The cockle gatherer (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Coolin of Rhum (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Crone's Creel (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Death Farewell (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Harper (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Leaping Galley (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Reiving Ship (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Ship at Sea (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Uncanny Mannikin of the Cattlefold (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Wild Swan (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
The Witchery Milking Croon (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Uist Cattle Croon (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Ullapool Sailor's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Vair me o rovan o, vair me o rovan ee  First line to An Eriskay love lilt (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Who my heart has free from sorrow deep unbound  First line to Ullapool Sailor's Song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Who will walk with thee, Kirsteen  First line to Kirsteen (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
Why should I sit and sigh, puin' bracken, puin' bracken  First line to A fairy's love song (Anon/Kennedy-Fraser)
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