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Jaroslav Vrchlický

born: 1853
died: 1912
country: Czechoslovakia

'Janáček: Choral Music' (CDH55398)
Janáček: Choral Music
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'Janáček: Orchestral Music' (CDA67517)
Janáček: Orchestral Music
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
All this the angel told me at my vigil  Movement 4 of The Eternal Gospel (Janáček)
And so it will pass, as written in the scriptures!  Movement 1 of The Eternal Gospel (Janáček)
O hearken, you whose heart is faint and wilted!  Movement 3 of The Eternal Gospel (Janáček)
See the angel flying, silently soaring  Movement 2 of The Eternal Gospel (Janáček)
Temná noc! Starý hejtman hledá stopu vlcí 'A dark night! The old Captain searches for the wolf's trail'  First line to Vlcí stopa 'The wolf's trail' (Janáček)
The Eternal Gospel (Janáček)
Vlcí stopa 'The wolf's trail' (Janáček)
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