Freiligrath, Ferdinand (1810-1876)

Ferdinand Freiligrath

born: 1810
died: 1876
country: Germany

Ferdinand Freiligrath was born in 1810 in Detmold. From the outset of his life he had a link with the English language: one of his uncles had a business in Edinburgh. He lived in Amsterdam before marrying and settling in Darmstadt. His Gedichte of 1838 established his reputation. If he had not been a radical given to writing left-wing political verse Freligrath might have had a comfortably settled life in Germany. Exposed to police harassment and political persecution he moved to Belgium, and thence to Switzerland and England. In the revolutionary year 1848 he returned for a short while to Germany where he was arrested for sedition. He then moved to London in 1851 where he worked in a Swiss bank for seventeen years while writing for the German press and contributing to the English review, The Athenaeum. He was a fellow-exile of Karl Marx (also in London at the time) and a member of the earliest German Communist Party. His eventual return to Germany was soon followed by the Franco-Prussian War of 1870/1 for which he wrote patriotic verse. He died in 1876 in Cannstadt near Stuttgart.

from notes by Graham Johnson


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Alphabetical listing of all musical works

An Celias Baum in stiller Nacht  
Der Blumenkranz (Mendelssohn)
Leis' rudern hier, mein Gondolier! Die Flut vom Ruder sprühn  
Leis' rudern hier, mein Gondolier, Op 50 No 4 (Jensen)
Myrthen, Op 25 (Schumann)
O säh' ich auf der Haide dort  
O säh’ ich auf der Haide dort  
Six Duets, Op 63 (Mendelssohn)
Six Songs, Op 57 (Mendelssohn)
Venezianisches Gondellied  
Volkslied (Mendelssohn)
Wenn durch die Piazzetta  
Wenn durch die Piazzetta  
Wenn durch die Piazzetta, Op 50 No 3 (Jensen)
Zwei Venetianische Lieder I  
Zwei Venetianische Lieder II