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Colley Cibber

born: 1671
died: 1757
country: United Kingdom

Colley Cibber, born in England of Danish stock, was both an actor and playwright of some significance. He became one of the very first actor-managers and worked at Drury Lane between 1710 and 1733. He was created Poet Laureate in 1730. Although it was generally acknowledged that Cibber was very talented, he made many enemies through his ill-concealed vanity, and was unfortunate to be chosen by Alexander Pope as the 'hero' of the Dunciad. It is probably because he had such a reputation for being both poseur and clown that Capell, well versed in the literary reputations of obscure authors, was so harsh about The Blind Boy. Cibber's An Apology for the Life of Colley Cibber (1740) is a treasure trove of theatrical anecdote and gossip of the theatre of his time.

from notes by Graham Johnson 1992

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