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Thomas Campion

born: 1567
died: 1620
country: United Kingdom

Campion was born in London and studied at Peterhouse, Cambridge, but left without taking a degree. He later entered Gray's Inn to study law in 1586. However, he left in 1595 without having been called to the bar. On February 10, 1605 he received his medical degree from the University of Caen.

Campion was first published as a poet in 1591 with five of his works appearing in an edition of Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella. The Songs of Mourning: Bewailing the Untimely Death of Prince Henry (1613), were set to music by John Cooper. He also wrote a number of other poems as well as a book on poetry, Observations in the Art of English Poesie (1602), in which he criticises the practice of rhyming in poetry.

Campion wrote over one hundred lute songs in the Books of Airs, with the first collection (co-written with Philip Rosseter) appearing in 1601 and four more following throughout the 1610s. He also wrote a number of masques, including Lord Hay's Masque performed in 1607, along with Somerset Masque and The Lord's Masque which premiered in 1613. Some of Campion's works were quite ribald on the other hand, such as "Beauty, since you so much desire" (see media). In 1615 he published a book on counterpoint, A New Way of Making Fowre Parts in Counterpoint By a Most Familiar and Infallible Rule, which was regarded highly enough to be reprinted in 1660.

He was implicated in the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury, but was eventually exonerated, as it was found that he had delivered a bribe unwittingly. Campion died in London, possibly of the plague.

'Campion & Dowland: It fell on a summer's day' (CDH88011)
Campion & Dowland: It fell on a summer's day
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'Campion: Move now with measured sound' (CDA67268)
Campion: Move now with measured sound
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'All in the April Evening' (CDH55243)
All in the April Evening
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'Britten: Nocturnal; Dowland: Lute Songs' (CDA67648)
Britten: Nocturnal; Dowland: Lute Songs
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'Dowland & Campion: It fell on a summer's day' (CDH88011)
Dowland & Campion: It fell on a summer's day
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'Dowland: Awake, sweet love' (CDH55241)
Dowland: Awake, sweet love
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'Dowland: Lute Songs; Britten: Nocturnal' (CDA67648)
Dowland: Lute Songs; Britten: Nocturnal
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'English Ayres and Duets' (CDA66003)
English Ayres and Duets
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'English Lute Songs' (CDH55249)
English Lute Songs
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'Madrigals and Wedding Songs for Diana' (CDA66019)
Madrigals and Wedding Songs for Diana
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'On this Island' (CDA67227)
On this Island
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'Parry: Sacred Choral Music' (CDA66273)
Parry: Sacred Choral Music
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'Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore' (CDA67240)
Praetorius: Dances from Terpsichore
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'Quilter: Songs' (CDA66878)
Quilter: Songs
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'The Emma Kirkby Collection' (CDA66227)
The Emma Kirkby Collection
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'The English Anthem, Vol. 7' (CDA67087)
The English Anthem, Vol. 7
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'Time stands still' (CDH55462)
Time stands still
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'Vaughan Williams: Over hill, over dale' (CDA66777)
Vaughan Williams: Over hill, over dale
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'Warlock: Songs' (CDH55442)
Warlock: Songs
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'Parry: Songs of Farewell' (SIGCD267)
Parry: Songs of Farewell
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
All looks be pale (Campion)
Author of Light (Campion)
Beauty, since you so much desire (Campion)
Blame not my cheeks (Campion)
Break now, my heart, and die (Campion)
Bring away this sacred tree (Lanier)
Come ashore, merry mates (Coprario)
Come, cheerful day (Campion)
Come, cheerful day, part of my life to me (Campion)
Come, O come, my life's delight  First line to My life's delight, No 2 of Seven Elizabethan Lyrics, Op 12 (Quilter)
Come, o come, my life's delight  First line to My life's delight, No 2 of Seven Elizabethan Lyrics, Op 12 (Quilter)
Come, you pretty false-eyed wanton (Campion)
Courante 'I care not for these ladies' (Campion/Praetorius)
Fain would I wed (Campion)
Fair, if you expect admiring (Campion)
Fire, fire, fire! (Campion)
Go, happy man (Coprario)
Heart's music (Vaughan Williams)
Her rosy cheeks, her ever smiling eyes (Campion)
I care not for these ladies (Campion)
I must complain (Dowland)
If thou long'st so much to learn (Campion)
It fell on a summer's day (Campion)
Leave prolonging thy distress (Campion)
Lord Hay's Masque (Campion)
Mistress, since you so much desire (Campion)
Move now with measured sound (Campion)
Mr Confess's Coranto (Campion)
My life's delight  No 2 of Seven Elizabethan Lyrics, Op 12 (Quilter)
My sweetest Lesbia (Campion)
Never weather-beaten sail  No 3 of Songs of Farewell (Parry)
Never weather-beaten sail (Campion)
Now hath Flora robbed her bowers (Campion)
O be still, be still, unquiet thoughts, and rest on love's adventer  First line to The lover's maze (Warlock)
Oft have I sigh'd (Campion)
Second Dance of the Lords' Masque (Campion)
Seven Elizabethan Lyrics, Op 12 (Quilter)
Shall I come, sweet love? (Campion)
Shows and nightly revels (Lupo)
So parted you (Campion)
Songs of Farewell (Parry)
The cypress curtain of the night (Campion)
The lover's maze (Warlock)
There is none, o none but you (Campion)
Think'st thou to seduce me then? (Campion)
Though you are young and I am old (Campion)
Time, that leads the fatal round (Lupo)
Triumph now with joy and mirth (Giles)
Tune thy music to thy heart (Campion)
What then is love but mourning? (Rosseter)
While dancing rests (Coprario)
Woo her, and win her (Campion)
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