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Robert Graves

born: 1895
died: 1985
country: United Kingdom

'Gurney: Severn Meadows & other songs' (CDA67243)
Gurney: Severn Meadows & other songs
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'Lauridsen: Nocturnes & other choral works' (CDA67580)
Lauridsen: Nocturnes & other choral works
'Songs by Finzi and his Friends' (CDH55084)
Songs by Finzi and his Friends
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'The Power of Love' (CDA67888)
The Power of Love
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'War's Embers' (CDD22026)
War's Embers
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'War's Embers' (CDH55237)
War's Embers
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Complete works available for download
IVOR GURNEY  (1890-1937)
Goodnight to the meadow Alice Coote (mezzo-soprano), Graham Johnson (piano)
Goodnight to the meadow Michael George (bass), Clifford Benson (piano)
Hawk and Buckle Stephen Roberts (baritone), Clifford Benson (piano)
Hawk and Buckle Michael George (bass), Clifford Benson (piano)
Nine of the clock Paul Agnew (tenor), Julius Drake (piano)
Nine of the clock Michael George (bass), Clifford Benson (piano)
Mid-Winter Songs Polyphony, Britten Sinfonia, Stephen Layton (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Dying sun, shine warm a little longer!  First line to Lament for Pasiphaë, No 1 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Goodnight to the meadow (Gurney)
Hawk and Buckle (Gurney)
How hard the year dies: no frost yet  First line to Intercession in Late October, No 5 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Intercession in Late October  No 5 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Lament for Pasiphaë  No 1 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Like Snow  No 2 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Mid-Winter Waking  No 4 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Nine of the clock (Gurney)
She tells her love while half asleep  No 3 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
She, then, like snow in a dark night  First line to Like Snow, No 2 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Stirring suddenly from long hibernation  First line to Mid-Winter Waking, No 4 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Where is landlord of old Hawk and Buckle  First line to Hawk and Buckle (Gurney)
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