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Hyperion Records

SACDA67480 - Couperin: Keyboard Music, Vol. 2
Declaration of Love (detail) (1731) by Jean-François De Troy (1679-1752)
Schloss Charlottenberg, Berlin / Bridgeman Art Library, London

Recording details: July 2003
Henry Wood Hall, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Ludger Böckenhoff
Engineered by Ludger Böckenhoff
Release date: March 2004
Total duration: 72 minutes 53 seconds

'Hewitt's playing is equally representative of her general approach to his music. Her touch is amazingly light, incredibly crisp and alert to the possibilities afforded by the piano' (Gramophone)

'Hewitt chooses to approach these works with a reverent bow both to the composer and the instrument that inspired him, never making excessive use of dynamics, and keeping the gestures in a deliberately narrow emotional scope. Her musicality is always present but never blatantly displayed, emotions kept in check with refined restraint. In this economy of means, she seems to mirror Couperin's writing itself' (Fanfare, USA)

'For someone of Angela Hewitt's pulling power to invite her fans so enticingly down so unfashionable a path—a poncy ancien régime twiddler? And on the piano!—is brave; and it's right' (BBC Music Magazine)

'In the expert hands of Angela Hewitt, François 'Le Grand' Couperin makes as easy a transition from harpsichord to piano as has Bach. The difference is that many people may—and should—now be listening to Couperin for the first time. Following the huge success of Hewitt's first volume of Couperin keyboard works [Hyperion CDA67440}—a selection from Books II and III of his Pieces de Clavecin, including the captivating 'Les Barricades Mystérieuses'—Hewitt now adds 21 more works from five 'Ordres' of Book IV, ranging from tranquil lyricism to full-blooded bragadoccio. Here is keyboard-playing of the highest order, in unfamiliar repertoire long due a sympathetic hearing.' (The Guardian)

'La pianiste canadienne y séduit par une conduite très narrative, délicate, rendant chaque pièce de manière très caractéristique, et avec une éloquence certaine' (Classica-Répertoire, France)

'Angela Hewitt is a remarkable musician with a highly refined sensibility. She makes use of the best qualities of the piano without stepping out of stylistic bounds … Such intelligent musicianship' (American Record Guide)

'Wit, tenderness, and sensibility—these essential elements of the Couperin style Hewitt provides with grace and scholarly affection, her Steinway piano singing in glorious Technicolor' (Audiophile Audition)

Keyboard Music, Vol. 2
Angela Hewitt (piano) Super-Audio CD — Deleted  

Angela Hewitt’s hugely successful first volume of François Couperin’s Pièces de Clavecin presented works from Books II and III of the cycle. Here we have a further twenty-one pieces, this time from Book IV.

Critical acclaim for the first volume (Hyperion CDA67440) surely makes this new disc a self-recommending classic.

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