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Hyperion Records

CDD22010 - Schubert: The Songmakers' Almanac Schubertiade
Party Games of the Schubertians (Gesellschaftspeilungen der Schubertianer) by Leopold Kupelwieser
(Originally issued on A66131/2)

Recording details: November 1983
St Barnabas's Church, North Finchley, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Martin Compton
Engineered by Antony Howell
Release date: March 1997
Total duration: 123 minutes 14 seconds

'Impossible to imagine anyone not deriving enormous pleasure from this collection' (BBC Music Magazine)

'Reviewers have long since run out of adjectives to describe Graham Johnson's superb complete Schubert song series for Hyerion. Now, for the Schubert centenary year, comes a re-release of a Schubertide which while not part of the series is certainly in the same spirit. "Back catalogue" at Hyperion means caskets of jewels rather than dusty shelves. There are so many matchless performances on this set that you could operate the player blindfold and pick a winner every time. All conjure up memories of superb evenings in the concert hall where this group could justifiably claim to have set a new standard for the presentation of song' (The Singer)

The Songmakers' Almanac Schubertiade
The Songmakers' Almanac 2CDs Dyad (2 for the price of 1) Archive Service   Download currently discounted
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Nacht und Träume: Serenades and Lullabies
Das Lied im Grünen: Nature and Love
An mein Klavier: At home with the Schubertians
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