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Hyperion Records

CDA67278 - Handel: The Complete Flute Sonatas
Mr and Mrs William Chase by Joseph Wright (1734-1797)
Agnew & Sons, London / Bridgeman Art Library, London

Recording details: Various dates
Various recording venues
Produced by Various producers
Engineered by Various engineers
Release date: October 2001
Total duration: 72 minutes 7 seconds

'Delightful in every way' (The Penguin Guide to Compact Discs)

'Engaging pieces, consisting of between four and seven short, contrasted movements. Beznosiuk plays her deep-toned wooden flute with wonderful expression and Nicholson and Tunnicliffe accompany her with zest and sympathy' (Classic FM Magazine)

'The performances deserve a place at the very forefront of available versions of these charming sonatas' (Fanfare, USA)

The Complete Flute Sonatas
Adagio  [1'37]
Allegro  [1'42]
[Adagio]  [1'50]
Bourrée  [0'53]
Menuet  [1'13]
Larghetto  [1'46]
Andante  [3'15]
Largo  [2'07]
Allegro  [2'12]
Presto  [1'48]
Largo  [1'51]
Vivace  [2'46]
Andante  [3'26]
Presto  [1'55]
Adagio  [1'05]
Alla breve  [1'23]
Grave  [2'10]
Allegro  [1'30]
Adagio  [0'45]
Allegro  [2'24]
Adagio  [2'00]
Allegro  [2'09]
Adagio  [5'34]
Allegro  [2'05]
Adagio  [1'53]
Allegro  [1'28]
Grave  [1'25]
Minuet  [2'22]
Adagio  [1'56]
Allegro  [1'52]
Largo  [0'52]
Allegro  [2'02]
Adagio  [1'51]
Allegro  [2'16]
Adagio  [0'44]
Allegro  [2'00]

Handel's so-called 'Opus 1' is a mish-mash of fifteen sonatas for various instruments cobbled together by an unscrupulous publisher in Handel's lifetime to take advantage of his name. Some of them may or may not be by Handel, although all of the music is fine and interesting. Four of the sonatas are for flute and they were recorded and issued in 1995 along with the rest of 'Opus 1' on Hyperion CDA66921/3, together with three so-called 'Halle' flute sonatas, making seven in all. All of these are on this CD, together with yet another Handel flute sonata which was discovered as recently as the 1980s and which we have recorded since the issue of the earlier set. This disc therefore gives us all eight of Handel's known flute sonatas.

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