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Hyperion Records

CDA66900 - Indian Classical Music
A thoughtful man, or Poet in a garden (c1610) by Muhammad Ali
Courtesy of The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Recording details: May 1995
The Purcell Room, London, United Kingdom
Produced by Mike Skeet
Engineered by Mike Skeet
Release date: April 1996
DISCID: 420EE206
Total duration: 63 minutes 29 seconds

'The audience response in the climactic sequences of the rag are an apt measure of the electrifying impact of these superb performances' (Soundscapes, Australia)

Indian Classical Music
Alap  [19'02]
Jorh – Jhala  [8'30]
Jhala  [6'48]

The rag, regarded by many as having remarkable restorative and healing properties, entices, absorbs and uplifts—extricating us from our everyday emotions so that we are free to advance to the realm of contemplation, freedom and a joyful realization of all that is good in life.

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