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Hyperion Records

CDA66561/3 - Mendelssohn: Twelve String Symphonies
(Originally issued on CDA66196, CDA66318)

Recording details: Various dates
Various recording venues
Produced by Martin Compton
Engineered by Tony Faulkner
Release date: August 1991
DISCID: E70EA212 A9119E0C 830F5C09
Total duration: 200 minutes 36 seconds

'Of memorably high calibre, alertly and capably played and beautifully recorded … these three excellently engineered discs will more than repay careful and diligent listening' (BBC Music Magazine Top 1000 CDs Guide)

'Pople conveys all the joy and wonderment … and the London Festival Orchestra clearly share in his delight as they unfold the true genius of these extraordinary works. Very highly recommended' (The Good CD Guide)

'I'd advise all those who don't know these remarkable works to acquire this complete set' (CDReview)

Twelve String Symphonies
Allegro  [4'23]
Andante  [3'09]
Allegro  [2'38]
Allegro  [3'53]
Andante  [5'15]
Allegro vivace  [1'59]
Allegro di molto  [3'34]
Andante  [2'37]
Allegro  [2'09]
Andante  [2'17]
Allegro vivace  [2'17]
Allegro vivace  [4'09]
Andante  [3'10]
Presto  [3'46]
Allegro  [3'37]
Menuetto  [5'09]
Prestissimo  [3'36]
Allegro  [5'14]
Menuetto  [3'59]
Allegro molto  [6'21]
Adagio  [4'14]
Menuetto  [5'21]
Allegro molto  [9'28]
Andante  [6'35]
Scherzo  [2'48]
Allegro vivace  [6'40]
Adagio  [8'20]
Allegro molto  [8'29]
Andante  [6'48]
Allegro molto  [7'52]
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