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Persson, Miah (soprano)
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Miah Persson (soprano)

Miah Persson was born in Örnsköldsvik in Sweden. After living in Paris for a year she studied lieder, sacred music and opera at the private conservatoire Kulturama in Sweden. In 1994 she joined Opera Studio 67 in Stockholm and in 1996 continued her studies at the University College of Opera, also in Stockholm. She sang for the Royal Swedish Opera where her roles have included Mozart’s Susanna and Pamina, Humperdinck’s Gretel, Sophie (Der Rosenkavalier), Frasquita (Carmen), Sandrina (La Finta Giardiniera) and Dorinda (Orlando). She made her French debut singing Héro in Berlioz’s Béatrice et Bénédict with the European Union Opera at the Théâtre des Champs Élysées and has performed Scarlatti’s Griselda at the Deutsche Staatsoper, Berlin, and in Innsbruck with René Jacobs – and also Nanetta (Falstaff) at the Aix en Provence Festival and Théâtre des Champs Élysées. More recently she has sung The Governess in Britten’s The Turn of the Screw at Frankfurt Opera, Sophie with the New Zealand Festival, and Almirena (Rinaldo) in Montpellier and Innsbruck. Her extensive concert repertoire includes Bach, Handel, Haydn, Fauré, Mozart and Rossini. She has sung the Mozart Requiem in St Moritz with Vladimir Ashkenazy, and, with the Monteverdi Choir and Sir John Eliot Gardiner, took part in the Bach Pilgrimage in 2000. She sang in Schumann’s Faust Scenes in New York, Lucerne, and London at the Proms where she sang in Bach’s Magnificat in the 2000 season. A committed recitalist, she has recorded with Roger Vignoles for the BBC ‘Voices’ programme and given recitals in London’s Wigmore Hall, at the Aix en Provence Festival and at the Royal Opera in Sweden.

'Rossini: Soirées musicales' (CDA67647)
Rossini: Soirées musicales
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'Soul and Landscape' (CDA67329)
Soul and Landscape
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Haydn: The seasons
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Adagio, Op 20 No 5 (Stenhammar)
Adieux à la vie! 'Élégie sur une seule note' (Rossini)
Amiamo, cantiamo  First line to L'orgia, No 4 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Bara hos den …  No 3 of Själ och landskap (Nystroem)
Ch'io mai vi possa lasciar d'amare  First line to La promessa, No 1 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Den enda stunden (Rangström)
Det enda  Extract of Sinfonia del mare (Nystroem)
Die Jahreszeiten (Haydn)
Dottern sade, Op 8 No 2 (Stenhammar)
Du schaust mich an mit stummen Fragen  No 1 of Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
Ecco quel fiero istante!  First line to La partenza, No 3 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Fem ballader (Rangström)
Fem dikter (Rangström)
Flickan knyter i Johannenatten  No 2 of Idyll och epigram, Op 4 (Stenhammar)
Flickan kom ifrån sin älsklings möte  No 1 of Idyll och epigram, Op 4 (Stenhammar)
Flickan under nymånen (Rangström)
Già la luna è in mezzo al mare  First line to La danza, No 8 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Già la notte s'avvicina  First line to La pesca, No 10 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Hab' ein Röslein Dir gebrochen  No 4 of Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
Havet sjunger  No 3 of På reveln (Nystroem)
I skogen (Stenhammar)
Ich möchte schweben über Tal und Hügel  No 6 of Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
Idyll och epigram, Op 4 (Stenhammar)
Il rimprovero  No 2 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Jahrlang möcht' ich so Dich halten  No 2 of Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
La chanson du bébé (Rossini)
La danza  No 8 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La gita in gondola  No 7 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La partenza  No 3 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La pastorella dell'Alpi  No 6 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La pesca  No 10 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La promessa  No 1 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La regata veneziana  No 9 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
La serenata  No 11 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Li marinari  No 12 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
L'invito  No 5 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
L'orgia  No 4 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Maman, le gros Bébé t'appelle, il a bobo  First line to La chanson du bébé (Rossini)
Månsken, Op 20 No 4 (Stenhammar)
Melodi  No 3 of Fem dikter (Rangström)
Melodi (Stenhammar)
Mi lagnerò tacendo  First line to Il rimprovero, No 2 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Mira la bianca luna  First line to La serenata, No 11 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Önskan  No 2 of Själ och landskap (Nystroem)
Otrolig dag  No 2 of På reveln (Nystroem)
På reveln  No 1 of På reveln (Nystroem)
På reveln (Nystroem)
Pan  No 3 of Fem ballader (Rangström)
Salut! Dernière aurore  First line to Adieux à la vie! 'Élégie sur une seule note' (Rossini)
Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
Sinfonia del mare (Nystroem)
Själ och landskap (Nystroem)
Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Sommarnatten 'Idyll No 1' (Rangström)
Son bella pastorella  First line to La pastorella dell'Alpi, No 6 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Symphony No 2 in C minor 'Resurrection' (Mahler)
Vieni, o Ruggiero  First line to L'invito, No 5 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Vinden och trädet (Rangström)
Vitt land  No 1 of Själ och landskap (Nystroem)
Voga, o Tonio benedeto  First line to La regata veneziana, No 9 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Voli l'agile barchetta  First line to La gita in gondola, No 7 of Soirées musicales (Rossini)
Von meinem Auge wird es klar  No 5 of Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
Wie soll ich's bergen, wie soll ich's tragen  No 3 of Sechs Lieder aus Julius Wolff's Tannhäuser, Op 12 (Sjögren)
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