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Britten Sinfonia
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Britten Sinfonia

One of the Europe’s most celebrated and innovative groups, Britten Sinfonia features some of the country’s finest chamber musicians. The orchestra is widely praised for the quality of its performance and intelligent approach to concert programming which is centred around the development of its players. Uniquely it does not have a principal conductor or Artistic Director but chooses to work with a range of the finest international guest artists from across the musical spectrum as suited to each particular project.

Recent seasons have included projects with Thomas Adès, Angela Hewitt, Masaaki Suzuki, Nitin Sawhney, James MacMillan, Ian Bostridge, Joanna MacGregor, Gil Goldstein and the Michael Clark Company. In 2008/09 guest artists include Pierre Laurent-Aimard, Mark Padmore, stage director Katie Mitchell, Dhafer Youssef and Paul Lewis, and we continue our relationship with Imogen Cooper, Alina Ibragimova and Polyphony with Stephen Layton.

Britten Sinfonia performs in many of Europe’s finest concert halls and has residencies in Cambridge, Norwich, Birmingham and Krakow with a concert series at London’s Southbank Centre and a lunchtime concert series at London’s Wigmore Hall. The ensemble enjoys a blossoming international profile, a recent highlight being an acclaimed tour of South America, and is frequently heard on disc, BBC Radio 3 and commercial radio. Britten Sinfonia won the prestigious Royal Philharmonic Society Ensemble Award in recognition of its work.

'Hyperion monthly sampler – October 2014' (HYP201410)
Hyperion monthly sampler – October 2014
HYP201410  Download-only monthly sampler NEW  
'Music for Remembrance' (CDA68020)
Music for Remembrance
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'Bairstow: Choral Music' (CDA67497)
Bairstow: Choral Music
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'Bruckner: Mass & Motets' (CDA67629)
Bruckner: Mass & Motets
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'Ešenvalds: Passion & Resurrection & other choral works' (CDA67796)
Ešenvalds: Passion & Resurrection & other choral works
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'Handel: Messiah' (CDA67800)
Handel: Messiah
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'Hartmann: Concerto funebre' (CDA67547)
Hartmann: Concerto funebre
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'Kõrvits: Kreek's Notebook' (CDA67968)
Kõrvits: Kreek's Notebook
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'Lauridsen: Lux aeterna & other choral works' (CDA67449)
Lauridsen: Lux aeterna & other choral works
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'Lauridsen: Nocturnes & other choral works' (CDA67580)
Lauridsen: Nocturnes & other choral works
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'Łukaszewski: Via Crucis' (CDA67724)
Łukaszewski: Via Crucis
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'MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross' (CDA67460)
MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross
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'MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross & other choral works' (SACDA67460)
MacMillan: Seven Last Words from the Cross & other choral works
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'Poulenc: Gloria & motets' (CDA67623)
Poulenc: Gloria & motets
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
At thy mystic Supper  Part 3 of Passion and Resurrection (Ešenvalds)
Come, lovely Name  No 1 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Concerto funebre (Hartmann)
Domine Jesu Christe  Movement 3 of Requiem, Op 9 (Duruflé)
Dying sun, shine warm a little longer!  First line to Lament for Pasiphaë, No 1 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Give me my scallop-shell of quiet  First line to Purse and Scrip, No 4 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Gloria (Poulenc)
How hard the year dies: no frost yet  First line to Intercession in Late October, No 5 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
In paradisum  Movement 9 of Requiem, Op 9 (Duruflé)
Intercession in Late October  No 5 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
King of Glorie, King of Peace  First line to L'Envoy, No 5 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Lacrimosa (Maskats)
Lament for Pasiphaë  No 1 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Lenda üles kurbtusest  No 6 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
L'Envoy  No 5 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Like Snow  No 2 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Lord, I will mean an speak thy praise  First line to Praise, No 3 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Lux aeterna (Lauridsen)
Ma kiitlen ükspäinis neist verisist haavust  No 3 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Ma vaatan üles mäele  No 8 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Mass No 2 in E minor (Bruckner)
Messiah, HWV56 (Handel)
Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Mid-Winter Waking  No 4 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Minu hing, oh ole rõõmus  No 7 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
My soul is very sorrowful  Part 2 of Passion and Resurrection (Ešenvalds)
Nüüd ole, Jeesus, kiidetud  No 1 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Nüüd on see päev ju lõppenud –  No 2 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
O dulce lignum  Part 4 of Passion and Resurrection (Ešenvalds)
O Lord, in me there lieth naught  No 2 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
O nata lux  Movement 3 of Lux aeterna (Lauridsen)
Oh võta, armas Jeesus, vastu mult –  No 4 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Parce mihi, Domine  Part 1 of Passion and Resurrection (Ešenvalds)
Passion and Resurrection (Ešenvalds)
Pie Jesu  Movement 5 of Requiem, Op 9 (Duruflé)
Praise  No 3 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Purse and Scrip  No 4 of Five Poems of the Spirit (Bairstow)
Requiem aeternam  First line to Introït, Movement 1 of Requiem, Op 9 (Duruflé)
Requiem, Op 9 (Duruflé)
Seven Last Words from the Cross (MacMillan)
She tells her love while half asleep  No 3 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
She, then, like snow in a dark night  First line to Like Snow, No 2 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Stirring suddenly from long hibernation  First line to Mid-Winter Waking, No 4 of Mid-Winter Songs (Lauridsen)
Su hooleks ennast annan ma  No 5 of Kreegi vihik 'Kreek's Notebook' (Kõrvits)
Via Crucis (Łukaszewski)
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