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Jeremy Barlow formed The Broadside Band in 1979 to perform popular and dance music from the sixteenth, seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Since then the group has made many recordings of this repertoire and has toured throughout Europe. Other CDs of Renaissance dance music include Danses populaires françaises du XVI siècle (Harmonia Mundi), English Country Dances and Songs and Dances from Shakespeare (Saydisc). For Hyperion the group expanded to a full Baroque orchestra with chorus and soloists to record The Beggar’s Opera (CDA66591/2), restored to its original form and based on Jeremy Barlow’s edition of the work for Oxford University Press. That recording won an Edison Award.

'Gay: The Beggar's Opera' (CDA66591/2)
Gay: The Beggar's Opera
'Il Ballarino – Italian Dances, c1600' (CDH55059)
Il Ballarino – Italian Dances, c1600
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Complete works available for download
FABRITIO CAROSO  (c1527-c1605)
Balletto Alta Gonzaga with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Balletto Celeste Giglio with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Balletto Forza d'amore with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Cascarda allegrezza d'Amore with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Dolce amoroso fuoco with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
ANTONIO GARDANE  (1509-1569)
Gagliardas 'Moneghina' and 'La Canella' with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
GIOVANNI GASTOLDI  (?1550-?1622)
Balletto La Sirena with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
JOHN GAY  (1685-1732)
The Beggar's Opera with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Balletto Alta Carretta with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
GIORGIO MAINERIO  (c1535-1582)
Ballo francese – Tedesca – Schiarazula marazula – ungarescha with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
CESARE NEGRI  (c1536-fl1604)
Ballo del fiore with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Bassa gioiosa with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Il Canario with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
La catena d'Amore with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
La Nizzarda with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
GIOVANNI PICCHI  (1572-1643)
Saltarello del pass' e mezo – Ballo ongaro with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
ANTONIO VALENTE  (c1520-1581)
Gagliarda lombarda – Ballo lombarda – Gagliarda seconda with Jeremy Barlow (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A fox may steal your hens, sir (Peachum)  Act 1 No 20 Air 11, 'A soldier and a sailor' (Eccles) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Among the men, coquets we find (Polly/Lucy)  Act 3 No 18 Air 50, 'Would fate to me Belinda give' (Wilford) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Balletto Alta Carretta (Lupi da Caravaggio)
Balletto Alta Gonzaga (Caroso)
Balletto Celeste Giglio (Caroso)
Balletto Forza d'amore (Caroso)
Balletto La Sirena (Gastoldi)
Ballo del fiore (Negri)
Ballo francese – Tedesca – Schiarazula marazula – ungarescha (Mainerio)
Bassa gioiosa (Negri)
Cascarda allegrezza d'Amore (Caroso)
Dolce amoroso fuoco (Caroso)
Gagliarda lombarda – Ballo lombarda – Gagliarda seconda (Valente)
Gagliardas 'Moneghina' and 'La Canella' (Gardane)
How cruel are the traitors (Lucy/Macheath)  Act 2 No 18 Air 28, ''Twas when the sea was roaring' (Handel) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
If love the virgin's heart invade (Mrs Peachum/Peachum)  Act 1 No 9 Air 4, 'Why is your faithful slave disdain'd?' (attrib. Bononcini) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Il Canario (Negri)
La catena d'Amore (Negri)
La Nizzarda (Negri)
Let us take the road (Matt)  Act 2 No 4 Air 20, 'March in Rinaldo' (Handel) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
My heart was so free (Macheath/Polly)  Act 1 No 27 Air 15, 'Pray, fair one, be kind' (Leveridge) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Pretty Polly, say (Macheath/Polly)  Act 1 No 26 Air 14, 'Pretty parrot, say' (Freeman) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Saltarello del pass' e mezo – Ballo ongaro (Picchi)
The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
The modes of the court so common are grown (Macheath/Ben/Matt)  Act 3 No 8 Air 44, 'Lillibulero' (attrib. Purcell) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Thus when the swallow, seeking prey (Polly/Macheath/Lucy)  Act 2 No 28 Air 34, 'All in the Downs' (Sandoni) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
'Tis woman that seduces all mankind (Filch/Peachum)  Act 1 No 5 Air 2, 'The bonny gray-ey'd morn' (Clarke) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Virgins are like the fair flower in its lustre (Polly/Peachum)  Act 1 No 14 Air 6, 'What shall I do to show how much I love her?' (Purcell) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
When he holds up his hand (Lucy/Lockit)  Act 3 No 26, Air 55 'Ianthe the lovely' (Barrett) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
When you censure the age (Lockit/Peachum)  Act 2 No 21 Air 30, 'How happy are we' (Barrett) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
When young at the bar you first taught me to score (Lucy/Lockit)  Act 3 No 2 Air 41, 'If love's a sweet passion' (Purcell) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
Would I might be hang'd! (Lucy/Polly/Macheath/Jailer)  Act 3 No 34 Air 68, 'All you that must take a leap' (Ramondon) of The Beggar's Opera (Gay/Pepusch)
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