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Short, Nigel (conductor)

Nigel Short (conductor)

Founder and artistic director of Tenebrae and Tenebrae Consort, Nigel Short is a conductor of international repute, leading Tenebrae to win the Choral Category of the BBC Music Magazine Awards 2012 for their recording of Victoria Requiem. A former member of the world-renowned vocal ensemble The King’s Singers, Nigel studied singing and piano at the Royal College of Music in London. He has previously performed as a member of The Tallis Scholars, Westminster Abbey and Cathedral choirs and The King’s Consort, as well as taking solo roles in oratorio and opera all over Europe.

On leaving The King’s Singers, Nigel wanted to start a new choral group to combine a large force of singers with movement around the performance venue as well as embracing the use of light, ambience, time and space, and in 2001 Tenebrae was born.

Through Nigel’s direction and vision, Tenebrae has enjoyed collaborations with talented composers and arrangers, pianists and organists of various musical genres, and now enjoys a reputation as one of the world’s leading choirs.

Nigel has also conducted several of the world’s finest orchestras both in concert and in recordings including the London Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the English Chamber Orchestra; and in Baroque repertoire, the English Concert. He has also made recordings with record labels EMI Classics, Warner Classics, Decca Records, LSO Live and Signum Records with whom Nigel has worked closely on many projects from the start of Tenebrae’s existence.


Allegri: Miserere
Studio Master: SIGCD085Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Bach: Partita, Chorales & Ciaccona; Fauré: Requiem
Studio Master: LSO0728Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Levine: Prayers for mankind
Studio Master: SIGCD212Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Levine: The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom
Studio Master: SIGCD316Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Parry: Songs of Farewell
Studio Master: SIGCD267Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Poulenc: Figure humaine & other choral works
SIGCD197Download only
Russian Treasures
Studio Master: SIGCD900Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Talbot: Path of Miracles
SIGCD078Download only
Tavener: Mother and child
SIGCD501Download only
Todd: Lux et veritas
SIGCD394Download only
Todd: The Call of Wisdom & other choral works
Studio Master: SIGCD298Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
Victoria: Requiem
SIGCD248Download only
Victoria: Tenebrae Responsories
Studio Master: SIGCD344Download onlyStudio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
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Complete works available for download

The Dying soldierwith Matthew Brook (bass), Tenebrae
The turtle dovewith Gabriel Crouch (bass), Tenebrae
Miserere mei, Deuswith Tenebrae
Partita No 2 in D minor, BWV1004with Gordan Nikolitch (violin)
A Good-Nightwith Tenebrae
Hymn to Saint Cecilia, Op 27with Grace Davidson (soprano), Natalie Clifton-Griffith (soprano), Anna Stephany (alto), Christopher Watson (tenor), Simon Grant (baritone), Tenebrae
PAVEL CHESNOKOV (October 1877-1944)
Kheruvimskaya pesn 'Cherubic Hymn'with Tenebrae
Svete tihiy 'Radiant light'with Tenebrae
Tebe poem 'We praise you'with Tenebrae
Seek him that maketh the seven starswith Tenebrae, Jeremy Filsell (organ)
SIR EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934)
They are at restwith Tenebrae
GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845-1924)
Requiem, Op 48
O be joyful in the Lordwith Tenebrae, Jeremy Filsell (organ)
NIKOLAY GOLOVANOV (January 1891-1958)
Kheruvimskaya pesn 'Cherubic Hymn'with Tenebrae
Otche nash 'Our Father', Op 9 No 3with Tenebrae
Slava Otsu 'Glory be to the Father'with Tenebrae
Bring us, O Lord Godwith Tenebrae
Faire is the heavenwith Tenebrae
GUSTAV HOLST (1874-1934)
The Evening Watch, H159 Op 43 No 1with Clare Wilkinson (mezzo-soprano), Matthew Long (tenor), Tenebrae
Take him, earth, for cherishingwith Tenebrae
JOHN IRELAND (1879-1962)
Ex ore innocentiumwith Tenebrae
Svete tihiy 'Radiant Light'with Tenebrae
NIKOLAY KEDROV (1871-1940)
Otche nash 'Our Father'with Tenebrae
ZOLTÁN KODÁLY (1882-1967)
Esti dalwith Tenebrae
Lute-book lullabywith Tenebrae
Prayers for mankind 'A Symphony of prayers of Father Alexander Men'with Tenebrae
The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostomwith Tenebrae
ALONSO LOBO (1555-1617)
De Lamentatione Ieremiae prophetaewith Tenebrae
Versa est in luctumwith Tenebrae
ANTONIO LOTTI (c1667-1740)
Crucifixus a 8with Tenebrae
Ave Mariawith Tenebrae
SIR HUBERT PARRY (1848-1918)
Songs of Farewellwith Tenebrae
My song is love unknownwith Tenebrae, Jeremy Filsell (organ)
The souls of the righteouswith William Kendall (tenor), Tenebrae
Figure humainewith Tenebrae
Litanies à la Vierge Noire 'Notre Dame de Rocamadour'with Tenebrae
Mass in G majorwith Tenebrae
Quatre petites prières de Saint François d'Assisewith Tenebrae
Salve reginawith Tenebrae
Un soir de neigewith Tenebrae
Now ye heavenly powerswith Tenebrae
The long day closeswith Matthew Long (tenor), Gabriel Crouch (bass), William Gaunt (bass), Tenebrae
Magnificatwith Tenebrae
Path of Miracleswith Tenebrae
SIR JOHN TAVENER (1944-2013)
Funeral Ikoswith Tenebrae
Mother and childwith Tenebrae, Jeremy Filsell (organ)
Song for Athenewith Andrew Rupp (bass), Tenebrae
The Lambwith Tenebrae
WILL TODD (b1970)
A Celtic Blessingwith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra, James Sherlock (piano)
Among angelswith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra
Christus est stella matutinawith Tenebrae, James Sherlock (organ)
Encircledwith Tenebrae
Exult us in your lovewith Tenebrae, James Sherlock (organ)
For peacewith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra, James Sherlock (piano)
In this placewith Tenebrae
My Lord has comewith Tenebrae
No more sorrowwith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra, James Sherlock (piano)
O lux beata Trinitaswith Tenebrae, James Sherlock (organ)
Remembrancewith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra, James Sherlock (piano)
Softlywith Tenebrae
Stay with me, Lordwith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra
The Call of Wisdomwith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra
Tidingswith Tenebrae
Vidi speciosamwith Tenebrae
You have seen the house builtwith Tenebrae, English Chamber Orchestra
Restwith Tenebrae
Libera me, Domine, de morte aeternawith Tenebrae
Taedet animam meam vitae meaewith Tenebrae
Tenebrae Responsorieswith Tenebrae
Versa est in luctumwith Tenebrae

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A Celtic Blessing (Todd)
A gift so pure, life so precious  
A Good-Night (Bennett)
A Prayer for humility  
A Prayer for the disciples of Christ  
A Prayer for the gift of wisdom and love  
A Prayer for unity  
Ach Herr, lass dein lieb Engelein  
Aestimatus sum  
Agnus Dei  
Agnus Dei  
Akh, uymis tï, burya! 'Be still, storm!'  
All-Night Vigil 'Vespers', Op 37 (Rachmaninov)
Almighty God, in whom we live and move  
Amicus meus osculi me  
Among angels (Todd)
And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes  
Animam meam dilectam  
Astiterunt reges terrae  
At the round earth's imagined corners  
Aussi bas que le silence  
Ave Maria (Łukaszewski)
Blagosloven gradyy 'Blessed is he'  
Blagoslovi, dushe moya, Gospoda 'First Antiphon: Bless the Lord, O my soul'  
Blazhen muzh  
Bogoroditse Devo 'Rejoice, O Virgin'  
Bois meurtri  
Bonum est praestolari  
Bonum est viro  
Bonus est Dominus  
Bring us, O Lord God (Harris)
Budi imya Gospodne 'Blessed be the name of the Lord'  
Caligaverunt oculi mei a fletu meo  
Christ lag in Todesbanden, BWV4 (Bach)
Christus est stella matutina (Todd)
Crucifixus a 8 (Lotti)
Da ispolnyatsya usta nasha 'Hymn of Praise: Let our mouths be filled'  
Dabit percutienti se maxillam  
De grandes cuillers de neige  
De Lamentatione Ieremiae prophetae  
De Lamentatione Ieremiae prophetae (Lobo)
De tous les printemps du monde  
Den Tod niemand zwingen kunnt  
Domine Jesu Christe, rex gloriae  
Dostoyno est 'Hymn to the Mother of God: It is truly meet to bless you'  
Ecce quomodo moritur  
Edin svyat 'One is holy'  
En chantant les servantes s'élancent  
Encircled (Todd)
Eram quasi agnus innocens  
Erbarme dich  
Erdő mellett est vélëdtem,  
Esti dal (Kodály)
Ex ore innocentium (Ireland)
Exult us in your love (Todd)
Faire is the heaven (Harris)
Fare you well, my dear, I must be gone  
Fear not  
Figure humaine (Poulenc)
Find only joy  
For peace (Todd)
Funeral Ikos (Tavener)
Gospodi, spasi blagochestivya 'Trisagion: Lord, we pray that you may be merciful'  
Holy, holy, holy  
Hymn to Saint Cecilia, Op 27 (Britten)
I know my soul hath power to know all things  
I love you, Lord  
I sing because …  
In a garden shady this holy lady  
In this place (Todd)
Jerusalem, convertere ad Dominum Deum tuum  
Jesum tradidit impius summis principibus sacerdotum  
Judas mercator pessimus  
Kheruvimskaya pesn 'Cherubic Hymn'  
Kheruvimskaya pesn 'Cherubic Hymn' (Chesnokov)
Kheruvimskaya pesn 'Cherubic Hymn' (Golovanov)
Khvalite Gospoda s nebes 'Communion Hymn: Praise the Lord from the heavens'  
Kolïbel'naya pesn v buryu 'Lullaby in a storm'  
Kukushka 'The cuckoo'  
La bonne neige  
La menace sous le ciel rouge  
La nuit le froid la solitude  
Lamb of God  
Le jour m'étonne et la nuit me fait peur  
Legend 'The Crown of roses'  
Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna (Victoria)
Litanies à la Vierge Noire 'Notre Dame de Rocamadour' (Poulenc)
Little lamb, who made thee?  
Lord, let me know mine end  
Lord, Who hast made us for Thine own  
Lute-book lullaby (L'Estrange)
Lux aeterna luceat eis  
Magnificat (Swayne)
Man unkind  
Mass for the people of Guildford (Todd)
Mass in G major (Poulenc)
May the road rise to meet you  
May there be peace, may I bring peace  
Milost mira 'The Eucharistic Prayer – Sanctus – Benedictus'  
Miserere mei, Deus (Allegri)
Misericordiae Domini  
Missa pro defunctis 'Requiem' (Victoria)
Morning prayer  
Mother and child (Tavener)
My Lord has come (Todd)
My song is love unknown (Pott)
My soul, there is a country  
Never weather-beaten sail  
Nïne silï nebesnïya 'Now the powers of heaven'  
No more sorrow (Todd)
Novi diluculo  
Now ye heavenly powers (Sheremetiev)
Nyne otpushchaeshi  
O be joyful in the Lord (Filsell)
O lux beata Trinitas (Todd)
Ô mes très chers frères  
O vos omnes, qui transitis per viam  
Open my wings  
Otche nash 'Our Father' (Kedrov)
Otche nash 'Our Father', Op 9 No 3 (Golovanov)
Otche nash 'The Lord's Prayer: Our Father in heaven'  
Otpust 'Dismissal'  
Pars mea Dominus  
Partita No 2 in D minor, BWV1004 (Bach/Thoene)
Path of Miracles (Talbot)
Ponet in pulvere os suum  
Prayers for mankind 'A Symphony of prayers of Father Alexander Men' (Levine)
Precious moment  
Priidite poklonimsya  
Priidite, poklonimsya 'The Little Entrance: Come, let us worship'  
Prositelnaya Ekteniya 'Litany of Supplication'  
Psalm 148  
Quatre petites prières de Saint François d'Assise (Poulenc)
Recessit pastor noster  
Remembrance (Todd)
Requiem aeternam dona eis, Domine  
Requiem, Op 48 (Fauré)
Rest (Vaughan Williams)
Riant du ciel et des planètes  
Salut, Dame sainte  
Salve regina (Poulenc)
Sanctus and Benedictus  
Sedebit solitarius  
Seek him that maketh the seven stars (Dove)
Seek out light  
Seigneur, ayez pitié de nous  
Seigneur, je vous en prie  
Seniores populi consilium fecerunt  
Sepulto Domino  
Sermons and devotions (Bennett)
Shestnadtsat Pesen dlya detey 'Sixteen Songs for children', Op 54 (Tchaikovsky)
Simvol very: Veruyu 'The Creed: I believe in one God'  
Slava Otsu – Edinorodnyy Syne 'Second Antiphon: Glory be to God the Father'  
Slava Otsu 'Glory be to the Father' (Golovanov)
Softly (Todd)
Song for Athene (Tavener)
Songs of Farewell (Parry)
Songs of love (Todd)
Songs of peace (Todd)
St Cuthbert (Todd)
St John Passion, BWV245 (Bach)
St Matthew Passion, BWV244 (Bach)
Stay with me, Lord (Todd)
Stillness interrupted, kneeling, waiting  
Strastnaya Sed'mitsa 'Holy Week', Op 58 (Grechaninov)
Sugubaya Ekteniya 'Augmented Litany'  
Svete tihiy 'Radiant light' (Chesnokov)
Svete tihiy 'Radiant Light' (Kalinnikov)
Taedet animam meam vitae meae (Victoria)
Take him, earth, for cherishing (Howells)
Tamquam ad latronem existis  
Te Deum (Todd)
Tebe poem 'We praise you'  
Tebe poem 'We praise you' (Chesnokov)
Tenebrae factae sunt  
Tenebrae Responsories (Victoria)
That we may love again  
The Call of Wisdom (Todd)
The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (Levine)
The Divine Liturgy of St John Chrysostom, Op 31 (Rachmaninov)
The Dying soldier (Anon/Short)
The Evening Watch, H159 Op 43 No 1 (Holst)
The Lamb (Tavener)
The long day closes (Sullivan/Lawson)
The Lord is my shepherd  
The seasons of his mercies  
The souls of the righteous (Pott)
The turtle dove (Anon/Vaughan Williams)
There is an old belief  
They are at rest (Elgar)
Tï priletel iz goroda 'You have flown in from the town'  
Tidings (Todd)
Toi ma patiente  
Tout puissant, très saint  
Tradiderunt me in manus impiorum  
Two Psalms, H117 (Holst)
Un soir de neige (Poulenc)
Una hora non potuistis vigilare mecum  
Unus ex discipulis meis  
Uzh tayet sneg, begut ruchi 'The snow is melting, streams are flowing'  
Vecheri Tvoeya taynïya 'Of thy mystical supper'  
Velikaya Ekteniya 'The Great Litany'  
Versa est in luctum (Lobo)
Versa est in luctum (Victoria)
Vesna 'Spring'  
Vidi speciosam (Todd)
Vo tsarstvii tvoem 'Third Antiphon: In your kingdom'  
Vo tsarstvii Tvoyem 'In thy kingdom'  
Vzbrannoy voevode  
Why these bitter words of the dying?  
You are with me always  
You have seen the house built (Todd)