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Tavener, Alan (conductor)
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Alan Tavener (conductor)

Alan Tavener is a music graduate of the University of Oxford where he gained diplomas in organ performance and teaching. He is also an educational research graduate of the University of Strathclyde, where he focused on the social, educational and health benefits of singing. While at the University of Strathclyde, he worked as Director of Music with responsibility for teaching, promoting a professional concert series and directing a wide range of student choirs, orchestras and ensembles, including the Strathclyde University Chamber Choir. He continues to direct the Strathclyde University Chamber Choir and has recorded and toured with them worldwide many times.

Tavener leads Cappella Nova’s core work in performing, commissioning and recording, and spearheads its burgeoning education and outreach programme in collaboration with Strathclyde University’s Centre for Lifelong Learning. As Director of Music at Jordanhill Parish Church in Glasgow, he directs a community choir, an ecumenical liturgical choir and a children’s chorus, and has recorded an album of organ works. He also directs the Scottish Plainsong Choir, a community project which explores liturgical music in historical venues across Scotland.

In 2008 he directed a master class for postgraduate students of choral conducting/directing at the Moscow Conservatoire and has since been invited to return. Since 2008, he has led sessions for the Association of British Choral Directors and has served as part of the Making Music national strategic action group for music and wellbeing.

'MacMillan: Alpha & Omega & other choral works' (CKD439)
MacMillan: Alpha & Omega & other choral works
MP3 £8.00FLAC £10.00ALAC £10.00 CKD439  Download only  
'MacMillan: Tenebrae' (CKD301)
MacMillan: Tenebrae
MP3 £8.00FLAC £10.00ALAC £10.00 Studio Master: FLAC 24-bit 96 kHz £18.00ALAC 24-bit 96 kHz £18.00 CKD301  Download only   Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
'MacMillan: Who are these angels? & other sacred music' (CKD383)
MacMillan: Who are these angels? & other sacred music
MP3 £8.00FLAC £10.00ALAC £10.00 CKD383  Download only  
Complete works available for download
… fiat mihi … with Cappella Nova
Advent Antiphon with Cappella Nova, John Kitchen (organ)
Alpha & Omega with Cappella Nova
And lo, the angel of the Lord with Cappella Nova
Benedicimus Deum caeli with Cappella Nova
Benedictus Deus with Cappella Nova
Bring us, O Lord with Cappella Nova
Canticle of Zachariah with Cappella Nova
Cum vidisset Jesus with Cappella Nova
Data est mihi with Cappella Nova
Domine non secundum peccata nostra with Cappella Nova, Madeleine Mitchell (violin)
Dominus dabit benignitatem with Cappella Nova
Factus est repente with Cappella Nova
Give me justice with Cappella Nova
I am your Mother with Cappella Nova
In splendoribus sanctorum with Mark O'Keeffe (trumpet), Cappella Nova
Invocation with Cappella Nova
Lux aeterna with Cappella Nova
Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman with Cappella Nova, John Kitchen (organ)
Missa brevis with Cappella Nova
Mitte manum tuam with Cappella Nova
O radiant dawn with Cappella Nova
Os mutorum with Cappella Nova, Canty, William Taylor (harp)
Pascha nostrum immolatus est with Cappella Nova
Qui meditabitur with Cappella Nova
Sedebit Dominus Rex with Cappella Nova
St Patrick's Magnificat with Cappella Nova
Tenebrae Responsories with Cappella Nova
Think of how God loves you with Cappella Nova
Tota pulchra es with Cappella Nova, John Kitchen (organ)
Videns Dominus with Cappella Nova
Who are these angels? with Cappella Nova, Edinburgh Quartet
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
… fiat mihi … (MacMillan)
Advent Antiphon (MacMillan)
Alpha & Omega (MacMillan)
And lo, the angel of the Lord (MacMillan)
Benedicimus Deum caeli (MacMillan)
Benedictus Deus (MacMillan)
Bring us, O Lord (MacMillan)
Canticle of Zachariah (MacMillan)
Cum vidisset Jesus (MacMillan)
Data est mihi (MacMillan)
Domine non secundum peccata nostra (MacMillan)
Dominus dabit benignitatem (MacMillan)
Factus est repente (MacMillan)
Give me justice (MacMillan)
I am your Mother (MacMillan)
In splendoribus sanctorum (MacMillan)
Invocation (MacMillan)
Jesum tradidit impius  No 3 of Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Lux aeterna (MacMillan)
Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman (MacMillan)
Missa brevis (MacMillan)
Mitte manum tuam (MacMillan)
O radiant dawn (MacMillan)
Os mutorum (MacMillan)
Pascha nostrum immolatus est (MacMillan)
Qui meditabitur (MacMillan)
Sedebit Dominus Rex (MacMillan)
St Patrick's Magnificat (MacMillan)
Tenebrae factae sunt  No 1 of Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Think of how God loves you (MacMillan)
Tota pulchra es (MacMillan)
Tradiderunt me  No 2 of Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Videns Dominus (MacMillan)
Who are these angels? (MacMillan)
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