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Cappella Nova

Cappella Nova, founded in 1982 by Alan and Rebecca Tavener, has an unrivalled reputation as champions of Scotland’s unique treasury of early vocal music. The group is also ‘famous for its performances of contemporary music’ (The Guardian), having commissioned and premiered more than 80 new works since 1986. These include John Tavener’s monumental three-hour oratorio, Resurrection (1990), broadcast on BBC Radio 3, and James MacMillan’s cantata for Holy Week Seven Last Words from the Cross (1994), which was the subject of seven short films for BBC2 TV. In 1996 they recorded the award-winning soundtrack by William Sweeney for the Tartan Short film an iobairst. In 2003 they provided ensemble vocals for the critically-acclaimed album Hate by The Delgados.

Cappella Nova and its medieval offshoot ensemble, Canty, has made 18 recordings, including ten of Medieval and Renaissance music for the Sanctuary Classics (ASV – now part of Universal) Gaudeamus label, all of which are ‘world premieres in modern times’. The group is particularly well-known for championing the music of the 16th century Scottish polyphonist, Robert Carver, and has already recorded two critically acclaimed albums of the sacred choral music of James MacMillan for Linn. Besides appearances in many British festivals, the group has toured many times abroad, including several visits to Germany and France, and tours in Ireland, Belgium, Hungary, Russia and the USA. Among Cappella Nova’s awards are several Enterprise Awards from the Performing Rights Society and a Glenfiddich ‘Living Scotland’ Award for their ground-breaking performances of Scottish early music.

On St Andrew’s Day 1998 the group premiered a specially commissioned work by William Sweeney in the presence of HM The Queen at the opening of the National Museum of Scotland. The group has shared the platform with a wide range of groups and artists including the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Evelyn Glennie, John Sessions, The Scottish Brass Ensemble, St Petersburg Baroque Brass, Tom Fleming, Concerto Caledonia, Sheena Wellington, Sister Sledge, Theatre Cryptic, Kim Edgar and The Scottish Ensemble.

'MacMillan: Alpha & Omega & other choral works' (CKD439)
MacMillan: Alpha & Omega & other choral works
MP3 £8.00FLAC £10.00ALAC £10.00 Studio Master: FLAC 24-bit 96 kHz £18.00ALAC 24-bit 96 kHz £18.00 CKD439  Download only   Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
'MacMillan: Tenebrae' (CKD301)
MacMillan: Tenebrae
MP3 £8.00FLAC £10.00ALAC £10.00 Studio Master: FLAC 24-bit 96 kHz £18.00ALAC 24-bit 96 kHz £18.00 CKD301  Download only   Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
'MacMillan: Who are these angels? & other sacred music' (CKD383)
MacMillan: Who are these angels? & other sacred music
MP3 £8.00FLAC £10.00ALAC £10.00 CKD383  Download only  
Complete works available for download
… fiat mihi … with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Advent Antiphon with Alan Tavener (conductor), John Kitchen (organ)
Alpha & Omega with Alan Tavener (conductor)
And lo, the angel of the Lord with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Benedicimus Deum caeli with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Benedictus Deus with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Bring us, O Lord with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Canticle of Zachariah with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Cum vidisset Jesus with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Data est mihi with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Domine non secundum peccata nostra with Madeleine Mitchell (violin), Alan Tavener (conductor)
Dominus dabit benignitatem with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Factus est repente with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Give me justice with Alan Tavener (conductor)
I am your Mother with Alan Tavener (conductor)
In splendoribus sanctorum with Mark O'Keeffe (trumpet), Alan Tavener (conductor)
Invocation with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Lux aeterna with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman with Alan Tavener (conductor), John Kitchen (organ)
Missa brevis with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Missa Dunelmi with James MacMillan (conductor)
Mitte manum tuam with Alan Tavener (conductor)
O radiant dawn with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Os mutorum with Canty, Alan Tavener (conductor), William Taylor (harp)
Pascha nostrum immolatus est with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Qui meditabitur with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Sedebit Dominus Rex with Alan Tavener (conductor)
St Patrick's Magnificat with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Tenebrae Responsories with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Think of how God loves you with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Tota pulchra es with Alan Tavener (conductor), John Kitchen (organ)
Videns Dominus with Alan Tavener (conductor)
Who are these angels? with Alan Tavener (conductor), Edinburgh Quartet
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
… fiat mihi … (MacMillan)
Advent Antiphon (MacMillan)
Alpha & Omega (MacMillan)
And lo, the angel of the Lord (MacMillan)
Benedicimus Deum caeli (MacMillan)
Benedictus Deus (MacMillan)
Bring us, O Lord (MacMillan)
Canticle of Zachariah (MacMillan)
Cum vidisset Jesus (MacMillan)
Data est mihi (MacMillan)
Domine non secundum peccata nostra (MacMillan)
Dominus dabit benignitatem (MacMillan)
Factus est repente (MacMillan)
Give me justice (MacMillan)
I am your Mother (MacMillan)
In splendoribus sanctorum (MacMillan)
Invocation (MacMillan)
Jesum tradidit impius  No 3 of Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Lux aeterna (MacMillan)
Mass of Blessed John Henry Newman (MacMillan)
Missa brevis (MacMillan)
Missa Dunelmi (MacMillan)
Mitte manum tuam (MacMillan)
O radiant dawn (MacMillan)
Os mutorum (MacMillan)
Pascha nostrum immolatus est (MacMillan)
Qui meditabitur (MacMillan)
Sedebit Dominus Rex (MacMillan)
St Patrick's Magnificat (MacMillan)
Tenebrae factae sunt  No 1 of Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Think of how God loves you (MacMillan)
Tota pulchra es (MacMillan)
Tradiderunt me  No 2 of Tenebrae Responsories (MacMillan)
Videns Dominus (MacMillan)
Who are these angels? (MacMillan)
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