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Phantasm, an award-winning consort of viols, was founded in 1994 by Laurence Dreyfus. The ensemble catapulted into international prominence when its debut CD of works by Henry Purcell won a Gramophone Award for the Best Baroque Instrumental Recording of 1997. Specialising in music from the 16th to the 18th centuries, the ensemble have been applauded across the globe for their moving performances, which embrace the eloquent fantasies of Byrd and Gibbons, the magical works of Lawes and Purcell, and even arrangements of Bach and Mozart. Since 1997, they have released twelve further recordings which have won several awards, including a further Gramophone Award in 2004 for the music of Orlando Gibbons, and have become recognised as the most exciting viol consort active on the world scene today. Their first recording on the Linn label – named Gramophone’s Label of the Year in 2010 – was devoted to the consort works of the 17th-century composer John Ward and was ‘Editor’s Choice’ in BBC Music Magazine as well as a finalist for the 2010 Gramophone Early Music Award. Their next recording, Byrd’s Complete Consort Music, won a Diapason d’Or, was BBC Music Magazine’s ‘CD of the Month’, was Gramophone ‘Editor’s Choice’ (September 2011), won a Gramophone Award nomination (2011) as well as a nomination for an International Classical Music Award (2012), and entered the US Billboard Charts after a glowing review on National Public Radio.

The consort has performed in festivals and on concert series throughout the world, in cities such as Prague, Tokyo, and Washington DC. Recent engagements have included the Barcelona Early Music Festival, the Bergen International Festival, the Lufthansa Early Music Festival in London, Mazovia Baroque in Warsaw, the Stockholm Early Music Festival, the Vantaa Festival, the Utrecht Early Music Festival and concerts at the Brussels Palais des Beaux Arts and in Ghent’s De Bijloke concert hall. A live broadcast for the European Broadcasting Union in October 2011 brought Phantasm’s artistry to millions of listeners through Europe.

Phantasm’s international membership (from Britain, Finland and the US) have been based at the University of Oxford since 2005 when they were appointed Consort-in-Residence. In autumn 2010, they took up a new association as Consort-in-Residence at Magdalen College, where they perform, develop viol consort playing among the students, and collaborate with Magdalen College Choir.

'Byrd: Complete Consort Music' (CKD372)
Byrd: Complete Consort Music
CKD372  Download only  
'Lawes: Consorts to the organ' (CKD399)
Lawes: Consorts to the organ
CKD399  Download only  
'Ward: Consort music for five and six viols' (CKD339)
Ward: Consort music for five and six viols
CKD339  Download only  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Browning a 5 'The leaves be green' (Byrd)
Christe qui lux es I a 4 (Byrd)
Christe qui lux es II a 4 (Byrd)
Christe qui lux es III a 4 (Byrd)
Christe redemptor omnium a 4 (Byrd)
Consorts to the organ Set 1 in G minor (Lawes)
Consorts to the organ Set 2 in A minor (Lawes)
Consorts to the organ Set 3 in C minor (Lawes)
Consorts to the organ Set 4 in C major (Lawes)
Consorts to the organ Set 5 in G minor (Lawes)
Consorts to the organ Set 6 in F major (Lawes)
Consorts to the organ Set 7 in B flat major (Lawes)
Fantasia a 5 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 10 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 11 'Cor mio' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 12 'Leggiadra sei' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 13 'Non fu senze' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 2 'La Rondinella' (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 3 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 4 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 5 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 6 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 7 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 8 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 No 9 (Ward)
Fantasia a 5 'Two parts in one in the fourth above' (Byrd)
Fantasia a 6 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 1 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 3 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 4 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 5 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 6 (Ward)
Fantasia a 6 No 7 (Ward)
Fantasia I a 3 (Byrd)
Fantasia I a 4 (Byrd)
Fantasia I a 6 'A song of two basses' (Byrd)
Fantasia II a 3 (Byrd)
Fantasia II a 6 (Byrd)
Fantasia III a 3 (Byrd)
Fantasia III a 4 (Byrd)
Fantasia III a 6 'To the vyolls' (Byrd)
In nomine a 5 (Ward)
In nomine a 6 No 1 (Ward)
In nomine a 6 No 2 (Ward)
In nomine I a 4 (Byrd)
In nomine II a 4 (Byrd)
In nomine II a 5 'On the sharp' (Byrd)
In nomine III a 5 (Byrd)
In nomine IV a 5 (Byrd)
In nomine V a 5 (Byrd)
Miserere a 4 (Byrd)
Pavan and Galliard a 5 (Byrd)
Pavan and Galliard a 6 (Byrd)
Prelude and Goodnight Ground a 5 (Byrd)
Sermone blando a 3 (Byrd)
Sermone blando II a 4 (Byrd)
Te lucis a 4 (Byrd)
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