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Latvian Radio Choir

Latvian Radio Choir

The Latvian Radio Choir (Latvijas Radio koris) is a full-time professional chamber choir of twenty-five singers founded in 1940. Chief conductor Sigvards Klava and conductor Kaspars Putninš have been leading the choir since 1992.

The choir’s repertoire extends from the Renaissance to the present day, and its main focus is on exploring the capabilities of the human voice and seeking to push its limits. The choir is also open to creative experiments and often participates in dramatic performances and multimedia projects. A major part of the repertoire is dedicated to contemporary music and composers of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, with regular commissions to leading Latvian composers such as Peteris Vasks, Arturs Maskats, Martinš Vilums, Santa Ratniece, Eriks Ešenvalds and others.

The Latvian Radio Choir is a five-time recipient of the Great Music Award of the Latvian government and a founding member of TENSO, a European exchange and research network for professional chamber choirs.

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