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Jonathan Vaughn (organ)

Jonathan Vaughn is Assistant Organist at Wells Cathedral, a post he took up in September 2007. While at school he was Organ Scholar at Croydon Parish Church and while still sixteen had gained both diplomas of the Royal College of Organists, winning a number of prizes. After a gap year as Organ Scholar at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle, Jonathan spent four years as Organ Scholar and later Assistant Organist at St John’s College, Cambridge, while studying the organ with Dame Gillian Weir. Particular highlights of his time at St John’s included performing on critically acclaimed recordings of Lennox Berkeley and Edward Elgar for Naxos’s English Choral Music series. After leaving Cambridge, Jonathan spent three years as Assistant Director of Music at St Edmundsbury Cathedral, where he was also responsible for the cathedral’s arts programme and was Director of the St Edmundsbury Singers. He performs frequently as a recitalist at venues across the United Kingdom.

'Bingham: Choral Music' (CDA67909)
Bingham: Choral Music
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'Chilcott: Requiem & other choral works' (CDA67650)
Chilcott: Requiem & other choral works
Buy by post £10.50 CDA67650  Studio Master FLAC & ALAC downloads available
'Dove: Choral Music' (CDA67768)
Dove: Choral Music
Buy by post £10.50 CDA67768 
'MacMillan: Choral Music' (CDA67867)
MacMillan: Choral Music
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'Mathias: Choral Music' (CDA67740)
Mathias: Choral Music
Buy by post £10.50 CDA67740 
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A babe is born, Op 55 (Mathias)
All wisdom is from the Lord, Op 88 No 3 (Mathias)
Ave verum corpus (Bingham)
Ave verum corpus (Mathias)
Bless the Lord, O my soul (Dove)
Cantate Domino  Canticle 1 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Carillon (Mathias)
Christmas Past (Bingham)
Corpus Christi Carol (Bingham)
Deep midwinter, the dark centre of the year  First line to Epiphany (Bingham)
Deus misereatur  Canticle 2 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Downing Service (Chilcott)
Ecce beatam lucem (Dove)
Edington Service (Bingham)
Epiphany (Bingham)
Festival Te Deum, Op 28 (Mathias)
Gloria  Movement 2, 'The rebuilding begins' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
God be in my head (Bingham)
God be merciful unto us  First line to Deus misereatur, Canticle 2 of Wells Service (Bingham)
Harvest (Bingham)
Hope  Movement 1 of Christmas Past (Bingham)
I am the heart that houses the cone  First line to Jesus, springing (Chilcott)
I bring you my body, darling dear  First line to The Nine Gifts (Chilcott)
I sing of a mayden (Chilcott)
Jesum quaeritis Nazarenum (Bingham)
Jesus College Service, Op 53 (Mathias)
Jesus, springing (Chilcott)
Jubilate Deo (MacMillan)
Jubilate Deo, Op 90 No 2 (Mathias)
Lamb of God  Movement 4, 'as we forgive them' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Le tombeau de Georges Rouault (MacMillan)
Let the people praise thee, O God, Op 87 (Mathias)
Lift up your heads, O ye gates, Op 44 No 2 (Mathias)
Lord, have mercy  Movement 1, 'A wasteland: the ruins of a sacred building' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Lovely tear of lovely eye (Chilcott)
Magnificat  Canticle 1 of Jesus College Service, Op 53 (Mathias)
Magnificat  Canticle 1 of Downing Service (Chilcott)
Magnificat  Canticle 1 of Edington Service (Bingham)
Magnificat and Nunc dimittis (MacMillan)
Midnight  Movement 2 of Christmas Past (Bingham)
Missa brevis (Dove)
Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Missa brevis, Op 64 (Mathias)
Nunc dimittis  Canticle 2 of Jesus College Service, Op 53 (Mathias)
Nunc dimittis  Canticle 2 of Downing Service (Chilcott)
Nunc dimittis  Canticle 2 of Edington Service (Bingham)
O be joyful in the Lord  First line to Jubilate Deo, Op 90 No 2 (Mathias)
O salutaris hostia  First line to Serenity (MacMillan)
O sing unto the Lord a new song  First line to Cantate Domino, Canticle 1 of Wells Service (Bingham)
On Love (MacMillan)
Our faith is a light (Bingham)
Processional (Mathias)
Requiem (Chilcott)
Sanctus  Movement 3, 'The consecration of the house' of Missa brevis 'Awake my soul' (Bingham)
Seek him that maketh the seven stars (Dove)
Serenity (MacMillan)
Summer ends now; now, barbarous in beauty, the stooks arise  First line to Harvest (Bingham)
Tell us, thou clear and heavenly tongue  First line to The Star-Song (Dove)
The Gift  Movement 3 of Christmas Past (Bingham)
The Lamb has come for us from the House of David (MacMillan)
The Nine Gifts (Chilcott)
The Shepherd (Bingham)
The Star-Song (Dove)
Wells Service (Bingham)
When Love beckons to you, follow him  First line to On Love (MacMillan)
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