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Corp, Ronald (conductor)

Ronald Corp (conductor)

Ronald Corp is Founder and Artistic Director of the New London Orchestra and New London Children’s Choir, and Musical Director of the London Chorus and Highgate Choral Society.

He began conducting full-time in 1988 when he founded the New London Orchestra. With the Orchestra he has appeared in all the main London venues and at major festivals around the country. The Orchestra has a gained an excellent reputation for its innovative programming and for its acclaimed recordings on Hyperion, and Ronald Corp has made it his mission to breathe new life into a wealth of little known music from the late nineteenth and twentieth centuries, as well as commissioning many new works.

Corp’s engagements have included concerts with the BBC Concert Orchestra, the Ulster Orchestra, the BBC Scottish Orchestra, the Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra, Brussels Radio and Television Orchestra, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and Bournemouth Sinfonietta. He appears regularly at the BBC Promenade Concerts and also works regularly with the BBC Singers.

The New London Children’s Choir is one of the busiest and most successful youth choirs in the country, and also performs frequently abroad. Ronald Corp has conducted the choir in numerous concerts, recordings and a television workshop as part of the Young Musician of the Year. The choir’s other engagements have included the premières of over 30 commissions as well as works by leading composers including its patrons Andriessen and Nyman; performances at the Proms; numerous soundtracks and TV recordings; and concerts and recordings with all the major London orchestras and for the BBC.

Ronald Corp is also a composer and his first major choral work And all the Trumpets Sounded was premiered in 1989 by Highgate Choral Society, who commissioned it, and is published by Stainer and Bell. His cantata Laudamus was premiered at St John’s, Smith Square, in 1994 by the London Choral Society to great critical acclaim and its third performance was given at a Gala concert in the Royal Festival Hall.

An expert in choral training and choral repertory, Ronald Corp’s comprehensive reference book entitled The Choral Singer’s Companion has been recently republished in a second edition.


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Complete works available for download

Bonny at mornwith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
Gånglåt fran Äppelbowith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
Mist-covered mountainswith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), Catriona McKay (clarsach), New London Orchestra
The Arkansas Traveller 'Old Fiddlers' Breakdown'with New London Orchestra
HUGO ALFVÉN (1872-1960)
Swedish Polkawith New London Orchestra
Nights of gladnesswith New London Orchestra
Smiles, then kisseswith New London Orchestra
Thrillswith New London Orchestra
LEROY ANDERSON (1908-1975)
Belle of the Ballwith New London Orchestra
Plink, plank, plunk!with New London Orchestra
FELIX ARNDT (1889-1918)
Nola 'A silhouette'with New London Orchestra
J QUENTON ASHLYN (fl1900-1900)
The Bassoon 'Humorous Song'with Laurence Perkins (bassoon), Richard Suart (baritone), New London Orchestra
Concerto for string orchestrawith New London Orchestra
Music for Strings, Trumpets and Percussionwith New London Orchestra
Sinfoniettawith New London Orchestra
Symphonywith New London Orchestra
FREDRIC BAYCO (1913-1970)
Elizabethan Masquewith Ruth Scott (oboe), New London Orchestra
SYDNEY BAYNES (1879-1938)
Destinywith New London Orchestra
JACK BEAVER (1900-1963)
Cavalcade of youthwith New London Orchestra
Tesoro mio!with New London Orchestra
Jamaican Rumbawith New London Orchestra
RONALD BINGE (1910-1979)
Elizabethan Serenadewith New London Orchestra
Miss Melaniewith New London Orchestra
Sailing bywith New London Orchestra
The Watermillwith Ruth Scott (oboe), New London Orchestra
Aylesbury Gameswith New London Orchestra
Concerto for flute and strings in D majorwith Emily Beynon (flute), New London Orchestra
Concerto for string orchestrawith New London Orchestra
Three Folk danceswith New London Orchestra
JOHN W BRATTON (1867-1947)
The Teddy Bears' Picnicwith New London Orchestra
The Grasshopper's Dancewith New London Orchestra
IVAN CARYLL (1861-1921)
Pink Lady Waltzwith New London Orchestra
ERIC COATES (1886-1957)
By the sleepy lagoonwith New London Orchestra
Calling all workerswith New London Orchestra
Music everywhere 'Rediffusion March'with New London Orchestra
Petite suite de concert, Op 77with New London Orchestra
Vanity Fairwith New London Orchestra
Dance of an ostracized impwith New London Orchestra
The Boulevardierwith New London Orchestra
HARRY DEXTER (1910-1973)
Sicilianowith New London Orchestra
ROBERT DOCKER (1918-1992)
Tabarinagewith New London Orchestra
TREVOR DUNCAN (1924-2005)
High Heelswith New London Orchestra
The girl from Corsicawith New London Orchestra
SIR EDWARD ELGAR (1857-1934)
Carissimawith New London Orchestra
Romance, Op 62with Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
VIVIAN ELLIS (1903-1996)
Alpine Pastureswith New London Orchestra
Coronation Scotwith New London Orchestra
TOLCHARD EVANS (1901-1978)
Lady of Spainwith New London Orchestra
ROBERT FARNON (1917-2005)
Jumping Beanwith New London Orchestra
Portrait of a flirtwith New London Orchestra
The Peanut Polkawith New London Orchestra
The Westminster Waltzwith New London Orchestra
GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845-1924)
Piècewith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
OSCAR FETRÁS (1854-1931)
Mondnacht auf der Alsterwith New London Orchestra
HERMAN FINCK (1872-1939)
In the shadowswith New London Orchestra
Carriage and Pairwith New London Orchestra
RUDOLF FRIML (1879-1972)
Chanson 'In love'with New London Orchestra
JULIUS FUČIK (1872-1916)
Der alte Brummbär 'The old grumbler' 'Polka', Op 210with Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
Mein Teddybär 'My teddy bear, Polka'with Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
Shepherd Fennel's Dancewith New London Orchestra
Promenadewith David Fuest (clarinet), New London Orchestra
DON GILLIS (1912-1978)
Symphony No 5½ 'A Symphony for Fun'with New London Orchestra
FRED GODFREY (1837-1882)
Lucy Long 'Song, with original variations'with Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
FELIX GODIN (c1864-1925)
Valse septembrewith New London Orchestra
CHARLES GOUNOD (1818-1893)
Marche funèbre d'une marionnettewith New London Orchestra
Marche funèbre d'une marionnettewith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
REYNALDO HAHN (1874-1947)
Le Bal de Béatrice d'Estewith New London Orchestra, Julian Evans (piano)
Bojarenes inntogsmarsj 'The entry of the Boyars'with New London Orchestra
FRED HARTLEY (1905-1991)
Rouge et noirwith New London Orchestra
Ball-Szenewith New London Orchestra
JONNY HEYKENS (1884-1945)
Ständchenwith New London Orchestra
ABE HOLZMANN (1874-1939)
Blaze away!with New London Orchestra
JAMES ORD HUME (1864-1932)
The Carnival 'Fantasia'with Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
LEON JESSEL (1871-1942)
Parade der Zinnsoldatenwith New London Orchestra
Dreamingwith New London Orchestra
Songe d'Automnewith New London Orchestra
Bells across the meadowswith New London Orchestra
In a monastery gardenwith New London Orchestra
In a Persian marketwith New London Light Opera Chorus, New London Orchestra
Sanctuary of the heart 'Méditation religieuse'with New London Orchestra
FRANZ LEHÁR (1870-1948)
Gold und Silberwith New London Orchestra
PAUL LINCKE (1866-1946)
Glühwürmchen-Idyllwith New London Orchestra
Pas de quatrewith New London Orchestra
Woodland Revelwith New London Orchestra
DARIUS MILHAUD (1892-1974)
L'apothéose de Molière, Op 286with New London Orchestra
Le Bœuf sur le Toit, Op 58with New London Orchestra
Le carnaval d'Aix, Op 83bwith New London Orchestra, Jack Gibbons (piano)
Le carnaval de Londres, Op 172with New London Orchestra
KERRY MILLS (1869-1948)
Whistling Rufuswith New London Orchestra
JOSÉ PADILLA (1889-1960)
El relicariowith New London Orchestra
GABRIEL PIERNÉ (1863-1937)
Fantaisie-Ballet in B flat major, Op 6with Stephen Coombs (piano), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Piano Concerto in C minor, Op 12with Stephen Coombs (piano), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Poëme symphonique in D minor, Op 37with Stephen Coombs (piano), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Scherzo-Caprice in D major, Op 25with Stephen Coombs (piano), BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra
Aubadewith New London Orchestra, Julian Evans (piano)
Sinfoniettawith New London Orchestra
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67with New London Orchestra, Oleg Prokofiev (narrator), Gabriel Prokofiev (narrator)
Summer Day, Op 65bwith New London Orchestra
The Ugly Duckling, Op 18with New London Orchestra, Penelope Walmsley-Clark (soprano)
Winter Bonfire, Op 122with New London Orchestra
ARTHUR PRYOR (1870-1942)
The Whistler and his Dogwith Jennifer Welch (piccolo), New London Orchestra
MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937)
Pièce en forme de habanerawith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
Beachcomberwith New London Orchestra
Melody on the movewith New London Orchestra
The Carousel Waltzwith New London Orchestra
DAVID ROSE (1910-1990)
Holiday for stringswith New London Orchestra
MARSHALL ROSS (1918-1988)
Marching Stringswith New London Orchestra
ERIK SATIE (1866-1925)
Gnossienne No 1with New London Orchestra
Gnossienne No 2with New London Orchestra
Gnossienne No 3with New London Orchestra
Gymnopédie No 1with New London Orchestra
Gymnopédie No 2with New London Orchestra
Gymnopédie No 3with New London Orchestra
Mercurewith New London Orchestra
Paradewith New London Orchestra
RAYMOND SCOTT (1908-1994)
The Toy Trumpetwith Mark Calder (trumpet), New London Orchestra
Allegro spiritosowith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
The Washington Postwith New London Orchestra
JACK STRACHEY (1894-1972)
In party moodwith New London Orchestra
Theatrelandwith New London Orchestra
JOHANN STRAUSS (1825-1899)
Tritsch-Tratsch-Polkawith New London Orchestra
Boer War Te Deumwith The London Chorus, New London Orchestra
VIRGIL THOMSON (1896-1989)
Louisiana Story – Acadian Songs and Danceswith New London Orchestra
Louisiana Story – Suitewith New London Orchestra
Power Among Men – Fugues and Cantilenaswith New London Orchestra
The Plow that Broke the Plains – Suitewith New London Orchestra
Little Serenadewith New London Orchestra
SIDNEY TORCH (1908-1990)
On a Spring notewith New London Orchestra
GEOFFREY TOYE (1889-1942)
The Haunted Ballroomwith New London Orchestra
Four Studies in English Folk-songwith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
GILBERT VINTER (1909-1969)
Portuguese Partywith New London Orchestra
The Playful Pachydermwith Laurence Perkins (bassoon), New London Orchestra
Les patineurswith New London Orchestra
EDWARD WHITE (1910-1994)
Puffin' Billywith New London Orchestra
The Runaway Rocking-Horsewith New London Orchestra
A quiet strollwith New London Orchestra
Girls in greywith New London Orchestra
Rhythm on railswith New London Orchestra
The Devil's Galopwith New London Orchestra
The Old Clockmakerwith New London Orchestra

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

A bad boy and a good girl  
A Country Girl (Monckton)
A Keltic Suite, Op 29 (Foulds)
A quiet stroll (Williams)
A Runaway Girl (Monckton)
A simple little string  
Album pour mes petits amis (Pierné)
All along the garden where the moonbeams glance  
All down Piccadilly  
Allegro spiritoso (Senaillé/Perkins)
Alpine Pastures (Ellis/Torch)
American Symphonette No 3 (Gould)
As I walked over London Bridge  
Aubade (Poulenc)
Aylesbury Games (Boughton)
Babes in Toyland (Herbert/Langey)
Bal masqué  
Ball-Szene (Hellmesberger)
Barwick Green  
Beachcomber (Richardson)
Beautiful bountiful Bertie  
Belle of the Ball (Anderson)
Bells across the meadows (Ketèlbey)
Beyond the bar of fair Manaar  
Blaze away! (Holzmann)
Boer War Te Deum (Sullivan)
Bojarenes inntogsmarsj 'The entry of the Boyars' (Halvorsen)
Bonny at morn (Anon/Perkins)
By the sleepy lagoon (Coates)
Calling all workers (Coates)
Carissima (Elgar)
Carriage and Pair (Frankel)
Cavalcade of youth (Beaver)
Chanson 'In love' (Friml/Minot)
Charming weather  
Concerto for flute and strings in D major (Boughton)
Concerto for string orchestra (Bacewicz)
Concerto for string orchestra (Boughton)
Coronation Scot (Ellis)
Culloden 'A country dance': Quick and merry  
Dance of an ostracized imp (Curzon)
Demande et réponse  
Demoiselle chic  
Der alte Brummbär 'The old grumbler' 'Polka', Op 210 (Fučik/Perkins)
Destiny (Baynes)
Dreaming (Joyce)
El relicario (Padilla)
Elizabethan Masque (Bayco)
Elizabethan Serenade (Binge)
Fancy Dress (Gibbs)
Fantaisie-Ballet in B flat major, Op 6 (Pierné)
Four Studies in English Folk-song (Vaughan Williams/Stanton)
Gånglåt fran Äppelbo (Anon/Perkins)
Girls in grey (Williams)
Glühwürmchen-Idyll (Lincke)
Gnossienne No 1 (Satie/Corp)
Gnossienne No 2 (Satie/Corp)
Gnossienne No 3 (Satie/Corp)
Gold und Silber (Lehár)
Gymnopédie No 1 (Satie/Debussy)
Gymnopédie No 2 (Satie/Corp)
Gymnopédie No 3 (Satie/Debussy)
High Heels (Duncan/Trebilcock)
Holiday for strings (Rose)
Hornpipe: Rollicking, but not too fast  
I was a baby not so very long ago  
I went to sea as bold as A B  
If girls and boys were asked what joys  
I'm a little Yorkshire lass  
I'm what folks call a 'Johnnie', of the title I'm proud  
In a monastery garden (Ketèlbey)
In a Persian market (Ketèlbey)
In my happy childhood hours  
In party mood (Strachey)
In the shadows (Finck)
Jamaican Rumba (Benjamin)
Jaunting Car  
Johnnie came from London town  
Jumping Bean (Farnon)
Keep off the grass  
Keltic Lament  
La caprice de Nanette  
La tarantelle frétillante  
Lady of Spain (Evans/Hartley/Warner)
L'apothéose de Molière, Op 286 (Milhaud)
Le Bal de Béatrice d'Este (Hahn)
Le Bœuf sur le Toit, Op 58 (Milhaud)
Le carnaval d'Aix, Op 83b (Milhaud)
Le carnaval de Londres, Op 172 (Milhaud)
Les patineurs (Waldteufel)
Life is a milliner's show  
Little Serenade (Tomlinson)
Little Suite (Duncan/Trebilcock)
Liza Ann  
London Landmarks (Wood)
London Suite (Coates)
Louisiana Story – Acadian Songs and Dances (Thomson)
Louisiana Story – Suite (Thomson)
Lucy Long 'Song, with original variations' (Godfrey)
March of the Bowmen  
Marche funèbre d'une marionnette (Gounod)
Marche funèbre d'une marionnette (Gounod/Perkins)
Marching Strings (Ross/Martin)
Mein Teddybär 'My teddy bear, Polka' (Ganglberger)
Melody on the move (Richardson/Hanmer)
Mercure (Satie)
Miss Melanie (Binge)
Mist-covered mountains (Anon/Perkins)
Mondnacht auf der Alster (Fetrás)
Moon, Moon, mischief-making Moon!  
Music everywhere 'Rediffusion March' (Coates)
Music for Strings, Trumpets and Percussion (Bacewicz)
My cinnamon tree  
My Native Heath (Wood)
Nights of gladness (Ancliffe)
Nola 'A silhouette' (Arndt/Zamecnik)
Oh, when I marry my blushing bride  
On a Spring note (Torch)
Once in the window of a ham and beef shop  
Once there dwelt a little maiden  
Our Miss Gibbs (Monckton)
Over the mountain passes  
Parade (Satie)
Parade der Zinnsoldaten (Jessel)
Paris (Wood)
Pas de quatre (Lutz)
Pearl of sweet Ceylon  
Perpetual Emotion  
Peter and the Wolf, Op 67 (Prokofiev)
Petite suite de concert, Op 77 (Coleridge-Taylor)
Piano Concerto in C minor, Op 12 (Pierné)
Pièce (Fauré/Perkins)
Pièce en forme de habanera (Ravel/Hoérée)
Pink Lady Waltz (Caryll/Higgs)
Plink, plank, plunk! (Anderson)
Poëme symphonique in D minor, Op 37 (Pierné)
Portrait of a flirt (Farnon)
Portuguese Party (Vinter)
Power Among Men – Fugues and Cantilenas (Thomson)
Promenade (Gershwin/Berkowitz)
Puffin' Billy (White)
Relâche (Satie)
Rhythm on rails (Williams)
Ring of Kerry (Hope)
Robin Hood Suite (Curzon)
Romance, Op 62 (Elgar)
Rouge et noir (Hartley)
Sailing by (Binge)
Sanctuary of the heart 'Méditation religieuse' (Ketèlbey)
Scherzo-Caprice in D major, Op 25 (Pierné)
She borrowed some of her mother's gold  
Shepherd Fennel's Dance (Gardiner)
Siciliano (Dexter)
Sinfonietta (Bacewicz)
Sinfonietta (Poulenc)
Smiles, then kisses (Ancliffe)
Songe d'Automne (Joyce)
Spurn Point  
Ständchen (Heykens)
Summer Day, Op 65b (Prokofiev)
Švanda dudák 'Schwanda the bagpiper' (Weinberger)
Swedish Polka (Alfvén)
Symphony (Bacewicz)
Symphony No 5½ 'A Symphony for Fun' (Gillis)
Tabarinage (Docker)
Tesoro mio! (Becucci)
The Arcadians (Monckton)
The Arkansas Traveller 'Old Fiddlers' Breakdown' (Anon/Guion/Schmid)
The Bassoon 'Humorous Song' (Ashlyn/Perkins)
The Boulevardier (Curzon)
The boy guessed right  
The Carnival 'Fantasia' (Hume/Perkins)
The Carousel Waltz (Rodgers/Walker)
The Cingalee (Monckton)
The Circus Girl (Monckton)
The Contrabandista, or The Law of the Ladrones (Sullivan)
The Devil's Galop (Williams)
The Doge's March  
The Foresters, or Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Sullivan)
The Geisha (Jones)
The Geisha (Monckton)
The Geisha (Philp)
The girl from Corsica (Duncan/Trebilcock)
The Girls of Gottenberg (Monckton)
The Golden Legend (Sullivan)
The Grasshopper's Dance (Bucalossi)
The Haunted Ballroom (Toye)
The little grey bonnet  
The Maid of the Mountains (Fraser-Simson)
The Maid of the Mountains (Tate)
The March of the Toys  
The Merchant of Venice (Rosse)
The Messenger Boy (Monckton)
The Mousmé (Monckton)
The Old Clockmaker (Williams)
The Orchid (Monckton)
The Peanut Polka (Farnon)
The Playful Pachyderm (Vinter/Perkins)
The Plow that Broke the Plains – Suite (Thomson)
The Prodigal Son (Sullivan)
The Quaker Girl (Monckton)
The Runaway Girl (Monckton/Kiefert)
The Runaway Rocking-Horse (White)
The Shop Girl (Monckton)
The sly cigarette  
The Teddy Bears' Picnic (Bratton/Saddler)
The Temple Bell  
The Toreador (Monckton)
The Toy Trumpet (Scott/Warnow/Lane)
The Ugly Duckling, Op 18 (Prokofiev)
The Washington Post (Sousa/Winter)
The Watermill (Binge)
The weary wave o' Tyne: Slow and sad  
The Westminster Waltz (Farnon)
The Whistler and his Dog (Pryor)
Theatreland (Strachey/Bowden)
There once was a little boy who went to school  
There's a girl you may have met  
There's a Yorkshire town, very bleak and brown  
Three Folk dances (Boughton)
Thrills (Ancliffe)
To a wild rose  
Tony, from America  
Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka (Strauss Jr.)
Try again, Johnnie  
Two little sausages  
Two Parisian Sketches (Fletcher)
Un sonnet d'amour  
Under the deodar  
Valse septembre (Godin/Brown/Lotter)
Van Dieman's Land  
Vanity Fair (Collins)
Water Scenes, Op 13 (Nevin/Myddleton)
When a bad, bad boy like me  
When I marry Amelia  
When the children go to play  
Whistling Rufus (Mills/Mills/Crooke)
Winter Bonfire, Op 122 (Prokofiev)
Woodland Revel (Melachrino)
Woodland Sketches, Op 51 (MacDowell/Woodhouse)
Yo ho, little girls, yo ho!  
You're taking such good care of me  
You've heard of me, of course