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Skeaping, Roddy (baritone)

Roddy Skeaping (baritone)


The English Stage Jig

Alphabetical listing of all musical works

As ye came from Walsingham (Thumpkin/Gentleman 2/Gentleman 1)  
Black do I cry, will you any of me buy? (The Black Man/Thumpkin)  
Blind Cupid hath made my heart for to bleed (Wife/Simpkin)  
Cavalilly Man  
Ch'ave overcome my voes (Wat/Company)  
Come buy a brush for all your cloathes (Brush/Thumpkin)  
Come sweetheart, look not sadly (Gentleman 2/Susan/Gentleman 1)  
Good morrow fellow Filcher (Nim/Filcher)  
Greys Inn Mask  
Grim King of the Ghosts  
I can dance and I can sing (Moll Medlar/Wat)  
In this same plight, sir, thus disquis'd (Gentleman 1/Thumpkin/Gentleman 2)  
Jack a Lent  
Jog On  
Jog on, jog on, my pretty Susan (Thumpkin/Susan/Gentleman 1/Gentleman 2)  
Man, forbear this place (Thumpkin/The Black Man)  
Now farawel Lungeon, iche may zing (Wat/Filcher/Nim/Moll Medlar/Baby)  
O woe is me (Thumpkin)  
Oh wo, wo, wo, what zhall chee do? (Wat/Baby)  
Our sentinel keeps well his standing (Gentleman 1/The Black Man/Gentleman 2/Thumpkin)  
Our Taunton den is a dungeon (Wat)  
Peg a Ramsey  
Prince Rupert's March  
Prince Rupert's March  
Prithee love turn to me  
Quick let us share (Filcher/Nim)  
Quoth John to Joan  
Singing Simpkin (Kemp)
Soldiers fight and Hectors rant on (Moll Medlar)  
Stingo – Half Hanekin  
Sweet Susan, remember the words I have said (Thumpkin/Susan)  
The Black Man (Anon)
The Carman's Whistle  
The Cheaters Cheated (Jordan)
The Crost Couple  
The Friar and the Nun  
The Gelding of the Devil  
The Gelding of the Devil  
The Indian Queen  
The rainbow never knew (Filcher/Nim/Wat)  
There is a Royster at the door (Servant/Simpkin/Wife/Bluster/Old Husband  
Upon a Summers Day  
Upon a Summers Day – Kemp's Jig  
We shall ne're have lucky minuit (Filcher/Nim)  
Y'are well overtaken—wither, sir, so fast? (Gentleman 1/Thumpkin/Gentleman 2)