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Driver, Danny (piano)
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Danny Driver (piano)

Danny Driver first attracted attention in the United Kingdom by winning both the Royal Over-Seas League Competition Keyboard Award and the BBC Radio 2 Young Musician of the Year Competition in 2001, also making his debut at Wigmore Hall during the same year. He subsequently went on to establish himself in Britain with acclaimed recitals at the South Bank Centre and Wigmore Hall in London, Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, and Symphony Hall in Birmingham, also appearing at numerous concert series and festivals throughout the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Danny Driver has enjoyed collaborations with orchestras such as the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, BBC Concert Orchestra, the Tel-Aviv Soloists, the American Symphony Orchestra and the New Professionals. Notable performances include the USA premiere of York Bowen’s third Piano Concerto with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra. He enjoys a broad and varied solo and chamber repertoire from the Baroque through to the present day, performing neglected works by composers such as Medtner, d’Albert, Reger, Clara Schumann, York Bowen and Richard Strauss, alongside mainstream works and new music.

'Hyperion monthly sampler – November 2014' (HYP201411)
Hyperion monthly sampler – November 2014
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'Schumann: Novelletten & Nachtstücke' (CDA67983)
Schumann: Novelletten & Nachtstücke
Pre-order CD by post £10.50 CDA67983  3 November 2014 Release  
'Bach (CPE): Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1' (CDA67786)
Bach (CPE): Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 1
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'Bach (CPE): Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 2' (CDA67908)
Bach (CPE): Keyboard Sonatas, Vol. 2
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'Balakirev: Piano Sonata & other works' (CDA67806)
Balakirev: Piano Sonata & other works
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'Bowen: Piano Concertos' (CDA67659)
Bowen: Piano Concertos
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'Bowen: Piano Sonatas' (CDA67751/2)
Bowen: Piano Sonatas
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'Bowen: The complete works for violin and piano' (CDA67991/2)
Bowen: The complete works for violin and piano
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'Chisholm: Piano Concertos' (CDA67880)
Chisholm: Piano Concertos
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'Dale: Piano Music' (CDA67827)
Dale: Piano Music
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'Handel: The Eight Great Suites' (CDA68041/2)
Handel: The Eight Great Suites
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'Hyperion monthly sampler – August 2014' (HYP201408)
Hyperion monthly sampler – August 2014
HYP201408  Download-only monthly sampler  
'Hyperion monthly sampler – May 2014' (HYP201405)
Hyperion monthly sampler – May 2014
HYP201405  Download-only monthly sampler  
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Air, with five variations 'The harmonious blacksmith'  Movement 4 of Suite No 5 in E major, HWV430 (Handel)
Albumleaf (Bowen)
Allegretto, Op 105 (Bowen)
Bolero (Bowen)
Chaconne in G major, HWV435 (Handel)
Drei Romanzen, Op 28 (Schumann)
Fantasie in F sharp minor, H300 Wq67 (Bach)
Humoresque  Movement 1 of Miniature Suite in C major, Op 14 (Bowen)
Mazurka No 1 in A flat major (Balakirev)
Mazurka No 2 in C sharp minor (Balakirev)
Melody (Bowen)
Melody for the G string, Op 47 (Bowen)
Miniature Suite in C major, Op 14 (Bowen)
Nachtstücke, Op 23 (Schumann)
Night Fancies (Dale)
Nocturne  Movement 2 of Miniature Suite in C major, Op 14 (Bowen)
Nocturne No 2 in B minor (Balakirev)
Novelletten, Op 21 (Schumann)
Phantasie in E minor, Op 34 (Bowen)
Piano Concerto No 1 'Pìobaireachd' (Chisholm)
Piano Concerto No 2 'Hindustani' (Chisholm)
Piano Concerto No 3 in G minor 'Fantasia', Op 23 (Bowen)
Piano Concerto No 4 in A minor, Op 88 (Bowen)
Piano Sonata in B flat minor (Balakirev)
Piano Sonata in D minor (Dale)
Piano Sonata No 1 in B minor, Op 6 (Bowen)
Piano Sonata No 2 in C sharp minor, Op 9 (Bowen)
Piano Sonata No 3 in D minor, Op 12 (Bowen)
Piano Sonata No 5 in F minor, Op 72 (Bowen)
Piano Sonata No 6 in B flat minor, Op 160 (Bowen)
Polka in F sharp minor (Balakirev)
Prunella (Dale)
Romance in D flat major (Bowen)
Rondo in D minor, H290 Wq61/4 (Bach)
Scherzo No 1 in B minor (Balakirev)
Serenade (Bowen)
Short Sonata in C sharp minor, Op 35 No 1 (Bowen)
Sonata in A major, H135 Wq65/32 (Bach)
Sonata in A major, H29 Wq48/6 (Bach)
Sonata in B flat major, H25 Wq48/2 (Bach)
Sonata in C minor, H121 Wq65/31 (Bach)
Sonata in C minor, H27 Wq48/4 (Bach)
Sonata in E flat major, H50 Wq52/1 (Bach)
Sonata in E major, H39 Wq62/5 (Bach)
Sonata in F sharp minor, H37 Wq52/4 (Bach)
Sonata in G minor, H47 Wq65/17 (Bach)
Song (Bowen)
Suite in C minor 'Partita', HWV444 (Handel)
Suite in D minor, Op 28 (Bowen)
Suite in E minor, HWV438 (Handel)
Suite No 1 in A major, HWV426 (Handel)
Suite No 2 in F major, HWV427 (Handel)
Suite No 3 in D minor, HWV428 (Handel)
Suite No 4 in E minor, HWV429 (Handel)
Suite No 5 in E major, HWV430 (Handel)
Suite No 6 in F sharp minor, HWV431 (Handel)
Suite No 7 in G minor, HWV432 (Handel)
Suite No 8 in F minor, HWV433 (Handel)
The Lark (Glinka/Balakirev)
Valse harmonique (Bowen)
Valse-caprice No 2 in D flat major (Taneyev/Balakirev)
Violin Sonata in B minor, Op 7 (Bowen)
Violin Sonata in E minor, Op 112 (Bowen)
Waltz No 4 in B flat major (Balakirev)
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