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Opera Restor'd

'A Vital and Refreshing Force' (The Observer)

Established in 1985, Opera Restor'd is the leading English touring company specialising in seventeenth- and eighteenth-century English opera and music theatre. In recent years the company has concentrated pricipally on small-scale, flexible productions of eighteenth-century comic operas, bringing its work to a wide audience both in Britain and abroad. The trio of directors—Peter Holman (Musical Director), Jack Edwards (Producer), and Robin Linklater (Designer)—share the task of seeking out and reviving the lesser-known repertoire, and restoring it in a way that both recreates and makes accessible the rich musical life of earlier centuries. Through their work both inside and ouside the company, they also provide opportunities for many new young singers and designers. Opera Restor'd works with Hyperion Records in exploring the lesser-known works in the English opera canon, and has recorded three operas by Charles Dibdin (released in 1992 to wide critical enthusiasm) and J F Lampe's comic opera Pyramus and Thisbe, both regular items in the company's touring repertoire.

In 1990 Opera Restor'd was the first opera company to tour on the Early Music Network; a second tour following in 1992. The company has also appeared in the feature film Princess Carabou.

Opera Restor'd has also established a reputation for educational work and runs an annual Baroque Opera School in collaboration with Benslow Music Trust.

'Boyce: Peleus and Thetis & other theatre music' (CDA66935)
Boyce: Peleus and Thetis & other theatre music
'Dibdin: Ephesian Matron, Brickdust Man & Grenadier' (CDA66608)
Dibdin: Ephesian Matron, Brickdust Man & Grenadier
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'Lampe: Pyramus and Thisbe' (CDA66759)
Lampe: Pyramus and Thisbe
'The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1' (HYP12)
The Essential Hyperion, Vol. 1
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Complete works available for download
WILLIAM BOYCE  (1711-1779)
Ode for the King's Birthday with Peter Holman (conductor)
The Dirge from Romeo and Juliet with Julia Gooding (soprano), Philippa Hyde (soprano), Joseph Cornwell (tenor), Andrew Dale Forbes (bass), Peter Holman (conductor)
CHARLES DIBDIN  (1745-1814)
The Brickdust Man with Peter Holman (conductor)
The Ephesian Matron, or The Widow's Tears with Peter Holman (conductor)
The Grenadier with Peter Holman (conductor)
Flute Concerto in G 'The Cuckoo' with Rachel Brown (flute), Peter Holman (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Corydon and Miranda (Boyce)
Flute Concerto in G 'The Cuckoo' (Lampe)
Music for Florizel and Perdita (Boyce)
Ode for the King's Birthday (Boyce)
Peleus and Thetis (Boyce)
Pyramus and Thisbe (Lampe)
Rise, rise, heart-breaking sighs  First line to The Dirge from Romeo and Juliet (Boyce)
The Brickdust Man (Dibdin)
The Dirge from Romeo and Juliet (Boyce)
The Ephesian Matron, or The Widow's Tears (Dibdin)
The Grenadier (Dibdin)
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