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Rona Eastwood (soprano)

'Janáček: Choral Music' (CDH55398)
Janáček: Choral Music
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'Poulenc: Secular choral music' (CDA66798)
Poulenc: Secular choral music
MP3 £6.00FLAC £6.00ALAC £6.00Buy by post £13.99 (ARCHIVE SERVICE) CDA66798  Archive Service   Download currently discounted
Complete works available for download
LEOŠ JANÁČEK  (1854-1928)
Kašpar Rucký with Amanda Pitt (soprano), New London Chamber Choir, James Wood (conductor)
FRANCIS POULENC  (1899-1963)
Sept Chansons with New London Chamber Choir, James Wood (conductor)
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A peine défigurée  No 2 of Sept Chansons (Poulenc)
Belle et ressemblante  No 5 of Sept Chansons (Poulenc)
Kašpar Rucký (Janáček)
Luire  No 7 of Sept Chansons (Poulenc)
Par une nuit nouvelle  No 3 of Sept Chansons (Poulenc)
Sept Chansons (Poulenc)
Tous les droits  No 4 of Sept Chansons (Poulenc)
Trhám ji jak malinu 'I pick it like a raspberry'  First line to Kašpar Rucký (Janáček)
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