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Cordier, David (countertenor)
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David Cordier (countertenor)

The English countertenor, David Cordier was a former member of King’s College Choir. Originally student of mathematics, he completed his musical training at the Royal College of Music in London.

David Cordier is internationally known for the extremely natural quality of his countertenor voice. The range of his repertoire is impressive, for he is equally involved in early music and in new music. David is heard in many commercial recordings.

'A Musicall Dreame' (CDA66335)
A Musicall Dreame
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'My mind to me a kingdom is' (CDA66307)
My mind to me a kingdom is
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On other labels
'Palestrina: Missa Benedicta es' (GIMSE402)
Palestrina: Missa Benedicta es
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'Palestrina: Missa brevis' (CDGIM008)
Palestrina: Missa brevis
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'Palestrina: Missa Nigra sum' (CDGIM003)
Palestrina: Missa Nigra sum
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
A poor soul sat sighing  First line to The Willow Song (Anon)
Alas! my love, you do me wrong  First line to Greensleeves (Anon)
And is it night? Are they thine eyes that shine? (Jones)
Farewell, fond youth (Jones)
Flow, my tears, fall from your springs (Dowland)
Go from my window (Anon/Dowland)
Greensleeves (Anon)
Hark! Wot ye what? (Jones)
In a merry May morn (Nicholson)
In darkness let me dwell (Coprario)
Intenerite voi (Notari)
Lulla, lulla la, lulla, lullaby  First line to Lullaby 'My sweet little baby' (Byrd)
Lullaby 'My sweet little baby' (Byrd)
Missa Nasce la gioja mia (Palestrina)
Missa Nigra sum (Palestrina)
My complaining is but feigning (Jones)
My mind to me a kingdom is (Anon)
Nigra sum (De Silva)
Nigra sum (Lhéritier)
Nigra sum (Victoria)
O Death, rock me asleep (Anon)
On a time in summer season (Jones)
Once did I serve a cruel heart (Jones)
See, see, mine own sweet jewel (Morley)
Sweet Kate (Jones)
The Willow Song (Anon)
Though your strangeness frets my heart (Jones)
Venus' Birds (Bennet)
Will said to his mammy (Jones)
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