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Heinrich, Susanne (viola da gamba)
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Susanne Heinrich (viola da gamba)

see also Susanne Heinrich (viol)

Susanne Heinrich studied at the Meistersinger Conservatorium of Nuremberg and at the Frankfurt State Academy of Music where she passed her diploma recital with the highest distinction. She was granted a DAAD scholarship to study with Wieland Kuijken at the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She has performed and recorded with many of the leading period-instrument ensembles of Europe, and for many years toured worldwide with the Palladian Ensemble. Until 2008 she was a founder member of Charivari Agréable, with which she has made sixteen recordings, most of which feature her as a solo artist.

One of the leading viol players of her generation, Susanne held a teaching position at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, has written for various journals, and took on the administration of the Viola da Gamba Society in 2009. Her own music editions, Charivari Publications, of which she is the editor, focus mainly on unpublished music for viols.

'Abel: Mr Abel's Fine Airs' (CDA67628)
Abel: Mr Abel's Fine Airs
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'Hume: Passion & Division' (CDA67811)
Hume: Passion & Division
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On other labels
'Tartini: The Devil's Trill & other violin sonatas' (CKD292)
Tartini: The Devil's Trill & other violin sonatas
with Palladians
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
[Adagio], WKO187 (Abel)
[Allegro], WKO192 (Abel)
[Allegro], WKO195 (Abel)
[Andante], WKO199 (Abel)
[Arpeggio], WKO194 (Abel)
[Arpeggio], WKO205 (Abel)
[Moderato], WKO208 (Abel)
[Tempo di menuet con variazioni], WKO203 WKO204 (Abel)
A French Ayre (Hume)
A Jigge (Hume)
A Souldiers Galliard (Hume)
A Souldiers Resolution (Hume)
Adagio, WKO155 No 1  Movement 1 of Sonata in G major (Abel)
Adagio, WKO189 (Abel)
Adagio, WKO209 (Abel)
Allegretto, WKO211 (Abel)
Allegro, WKO155 No 2  Movement 2 of Sonata in G major (Abel)
Allegro, WKO198 (Abel)
Allegro, WKO207 (Abel)
Allegro, WKO212 (Abel)
Andante, WKO191 (Abel)
Captain Humes Pavan (Hume)
Deth (Hume)
Fuga, WKO196 (Abel)
Grave in D minor (Tartini)
Harke, harke (Hume)
I am melancholy (Hume)
Life (Hume)
Loves Farewell (Hume)
Loves Pastime (Hume)
Now I come (Hume)
Pastorale in A major, BA16 (Tartini)
Rossamond (Hume)
Sonata in A major, Op 1 No 7 (Veracini)
Sonata in E minor, Be6 (Tartini)
Sonata in G major (Abel)
Sonata in G minor 'Didone abbandonata', Bg10 (Tartini)
Sonata in G minor 'Il trillo del Diavolo', Bg5 (Tartini)
Tempo di menuet, WKO153  Movement 3 of Sonata in G major (Abel)
Tempo di menuet, WKO188 (Abel)
Tempo di menuet, WKO202 (Abel)
Tempo minuetto, WKO154 (Abel)
The Duke of Holstones Almayne (Hume)
The Spirit of Gambo (Hume)
Tickell, tickell (Hume)
Tinckeldum, twinckeldum (Hume)
Touch me lightly (Hume)
Vivace, WKO190 (Abel)
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