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'Enchanting Harmonist' (CDA66698)
Enchanting Harmonist
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'Moore: Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies' (CDA66774)
Moore: Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies
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'The Romantic Music' (CDA66740)
The Romantic Music
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Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Abigail Judge (Carolan/Bunting)
Ah! what avails the sprightly morn of life (Linley Sr.)
Alas, from the day my poor heart (Linley Sr.)
At the mid hour of night (Anon/Stevenson)
Ave Maria! maiden mild!  First line to Ellen's Song (Attwood)
Avenging and bright (Anon/Stevenson)
Awake, my lyre (Linley Sr.)
Balow, my babe, lye still and sleep  First line to Lady Anne Bothwell's Lament (Corfe)
Blest pair of sirens (Smith)
Captivity (Storace)
Carolan's Concerto (Carolan/Bunting)
Come o'er the sea (Anon/Stevenson)
Come, rest in this bosom (Anon/Stevenson)
Coronach (Attwood)
Could he whom my dissembled rigour grieves, Op 3 No 3 (Jackson)
Damon and Clora (Harington)
Dear harp of my country 'The Farewell to My Harp' (Anon/Stevenson)
Down in the gleamy vale (Linley)
Duet in D minor on Scottish Airs (Meyer)
Ellen's Song (Attwood)
Enchanting harmonist (Harington)
Erin! the smile and the tear in thine eyes (Anon/Stevenson)
Fill the bumper fair! (Anon/Stevenson)
Fly not yet (Anon/Stevenson)
Fly to my aid, O mighty Love (Linley Sr.)
Girls, have you seen George? (Anon/Bunting)
Go, rose! my Chloe's bosom grace (Earle)
Hark! Hark, what I tell to thee  First line to The spirit's song, Hob XXVIa:41 (Haydn)
Hark! what I tell to thee  First line to The spirit's song, Hob XXVIa:41 (Haydn)
He is gone on the mountain  First line to Coronach (Attwood)
He who could first two gentle hearts unbind (Linley Sr.)
How dear to me the hour (Anon/Stevenson)
How sweet the answer Echo makes (Anon/Stevenson)
In thousand thoughts of love and thee (Linley Sr.)
It was a winter's evening, and fast came down the snow  First line to The Distress'd Mother (Pinto)
Jessie (Knyvett)
John, heir of the glen (Anon/Bunting)
Joice's Tune (Anon/Bunting)
Lady Anne Bothwell's Lament (Corfe)
Lament for Owen O'Neill (Carolan/Bunting)
Love in secret (Anon/Bunting)
Love in thine eyes for ever plays, Op 13 No 7 (Jackson)
Love wakes and weeps (Webbe Jr.)
My foes prevail, my friends are fled  First line to Captivity (Storace)
Nanny McDermotroe (Carolan/Bunting)
O sing unto me roundelaie (Wesley)
Ode to the memory of Italian virtuosi (Harington)
Of unrecorded name  First line to The Death of the common soldier (Webbe Jr.)
Our bugles sung truce, for the night cloud had lower'd  First line to The Soldier's Dream (Attwood)
Rich and rare were the gems she wore (Anon/Stevenson)
She is far from the land (Anon/Stevenson)
Silent, oh Moyle! be the roar of thy water 'The Song of Fiionnulala' (Anon/Stevenson)
Sonata in A minor, Op 2 No 3 (Jackson)
Sonata in D, Op 4 No 4 (Herschel)
The Death of the common soldier (Webbe Jr.)
The Distress'd Mother (Pinto)
The harp that once, thro' Tara's halls (Anon/Stevenson)
The jointure (Anon/Bunting)
The lyre (Harington)
The Minstrel-Boy (Anon/Stevenson)
The pretty girl milking the cows (Anon/Bunting)
The Soldier's Dream (Attwood)
The spirit's song, Hob XXVIa:41 (Haydn)
The summer is coming (Anon/Bunting)
The twisting of the rope (Anon/Bunting)
The valley lay smiling before me 'The Song of O'Ruark, Prince of Breffni' (Anon/Stevenson)
The wanderer, Hob XXVIa:32 (Haydn)
'Tis believed that this harp 'The Origin of the Harp' (Anon/Stevenson)
'Tis the last rose of summer (Anon/Stevenson)
To heal the wound a bee had made (Linley Jr.)
To wander alone when the moon, faintly beaming  First line to The wanderer, Hob XXVIa:32 (Haydn)
True-hearted was he, the sad swain o' the Yarrow  First line to Jessie (Knyvett)
What the bee is to the floweret (Anon/Stevenson)
Where the bee sucks, Op 11 No 6 (Jackson)
Ye sportive loves, that round me wait (Linley Sr.)
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