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Simpson, Glenda (mezzo-soprano)
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Glenda Simpson (mezzo-soprano)

Glenda Simpson has, during the last few years, established a reputation as one of the leading interpreters of early vocal music. With the lutenist Barry Mason she founded the Camerata of London. The group has made numerous recordings of renaissance and baroque music. Glenda Simpson has also recorded with other leadine early music groups, including The London Early Music Group and The Consort of Musicke. She has given many radio broadcasts, including a live performance from the Edinburgh Festival. Glenda Simpson has performed throughout England on the Early Music Network, and has travelled widely in Europe, giving concerts in Holland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Switzerland. She also tours regularly in the USA, and has recently spent a month in Japan performing a repertoire of English music. Her interest in the Elizabethan Iute song has led her to a detailed study of authentic Elizabethen pronounciation; and as a reviewer commented, singing in authentic pronounciation is '... an important attempt to recreate what the composer neard'.

'Strozzi: Songs' (CDA66303)
Strozzi: Songs
'17th-Century Bel Canto' (CDA66153)
17th-Century Bel Canto
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Complete works available for download
Bel tempo per me se n'andò with The London Early Music Group, James Tyler (conductor)
Toccata – Soccorrete, luci avare with The Camerata of London
Toccata – Perle care with The Camerata of London
BARBARA STROZZI  (1619-c1664)
Amor, non dormir più with The Camerata of London
Amore è bandito with The Camerata of London
Gite, o giorni dolenti with The Camerata of London
Non mi dite with The Camerata of London
Questa è la nuova with The Camerata of London
Rissolvetevi pensieri with The Camerata of London
Voglio morire with The Camerata of London
Alphabetical listing of all musical works
Amara servitù (Elisa)  Act 1 Scene 5, Aria of Muzio Scevola (Cavalli)
Amor, non dormir più (Strozzi)
Amore è bandito (Strozzi)
Bel tempo per me se n'andò (Carissimi)
Cor mio, che vuoi tu? (Endimione)  Aria of La Calisto (Cavalli)
Dolcissimi baci (Diana/Endimione)  Act 3, Aria of La Calisto (Cavalli)
Gite, o giorni dolenti (Strozzi)
La Calisto (Cavalli)
Lasso io vivo è non ho vita (Egisto)  Aria of L'Egisto (Cavalli)
L'Egisto (Cavalli)
Muzio Scevola (Cavalli)
Non mi dite (Strozzi)
Piacque à me sempre più (Dema)  Act 2 No 8, Aria of L'Egisto (Cavalli)
Questa è la nuova (Strozzi)
Rissolvetevi pensieri (Strozzi)
Toccata – Perle care (Piccinini/Strozzi)
Toccata – Soccorrete, luci avare (Granata/Strozzi)
Voglio morire (Strozzi)
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